Chapter Twenty

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Cameron's POV
I still never told Cara about what me and some of the boys planned. She might like it, and she might not and that's why I'm making her favorite brunch while she is still sleeping. After many attempts at the recipe, I gave up and called Jack to pick up some from Dylan's house on his way here. I just love how involved he is in Cara's life and I hope he doesn't screw up.
Let's just say things won't turn out pretty for him because I've reached my limit of people playing her. I was sitting down and going through my Twitter when I saw it was 5:00am. Most people would be sleeping right now but I planned a trip with Cara and we were leaving soon. I woke up early so that I could pack everything we would need for Edmonton, Canada. Your probably wondering why I would pick there out of all the places in the world, but we wanted to go somewhere cold for once. The house was dead silent and kind of dark outside which was beautiful. I walked out onto the patio and heard sniffling above me. I was confused at first but then remembered that Cara's window was above the patio. For the past few weeks since she came back, she has been independent and distant from everyone. She's so broken but is scared to show it. I slowly closed the patio door before making my way up the stairs. Her sniffling got more clear as I walked up he stairs, and I started to make out the words.
"Why couldn't you love me? Why couldn't you take me away instead of him? Why do you only love her? Why are you so evil? We could have been a family..." She went on and I looked down sad while walking to my room. I sat on my bed just listening to her argue with her parents and let it all out because she couldn't physically tell them. After a while it stopped and the doorbell rung. I checked the time and say it was 7:00am now. How did she rant for that long? I opened the door and Jack G was there with a takeout box. He followed me into the kitchen and I took a plate out before placing her breakfast on it. The only thing she loved as much as confetti pancakes was strawberry Nutella French toast rolls. I'm always the one to stop her because I find Nutella disgusting (a/n: don't get me started.) We both ate some Belgium waffles before Jack went upstairs to the bathroom. I was just about to check on Cara when I heard glass break and rushed up the stairs. I barged into Cara's room and saw her curled up in a ball in her closet beside a shattered mirror. Jack stood at the door frame, frozen with his jaw hanging low. I grabbed a broom and started to clean up the mess but Jack just stood there not doing anything. Just as I was throwing away the last bits into the garbage can, I heard Jack rush out the apartment really fast. Why was he acting like this? I turned to Cara who was still in a tight ball and my question was answered. Her wrists had many more cuts that weren't there before, but seemed to be healing.
"I couldn't see my face in the mirror anymore. And everything that has happened to me...I couldn't take it; I-I can't take it. I'm scared Cameron!" She said while bursting into tears at the end. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her before picking her up. I carried her downstairs and put her down on the couch before grabbing her breakfast and handing her it. She had tears quietly streaming down her cheek and I wiped them away before wrapping my arm around her.
"You know you can talk to me when you feel empty, I'm always there for you", I stated quietly and she nodded her head.
"Then what's wrong?" I asked her softly and she started to cry again.
"I-I just miss him so much a-a-and wish h-he was here", she struggled to tell me. This was mostly about her brother apparently.
"Instead of thinking about that, think about all the good memories you guys have together, think about all the good people who were brought into your life, think about the fact that I'm letting you eat Nutella in my house in peace", I said while causing her to laugh at the last part.
"And that's why I think it's best that we buy a house with some of the other boys", I said and she smiled really big before saying.
"I think that's a great idea, as long as we still live in Chino Hills or LA".
I nodded my head and she started to eat.
I turned on the tv and smiled because I'm getting better at making her feel worth it. We were both waiting for our private driver to take us to the airport and we're watching tv while she was asleep. It was currently 9:00am and I was a little pissed at Jack. Just as I was thinking about what he did, I heard the door click and saw Jack standing there with a cheeky smile.
I looked at him, then looked away. My phone rung as Jack was walking over to us and I quickly declined it before it woke Cara up. She woke up anyways and Jack sat beside her. He took his hands out from behind his back and there was flowers in one hand, and a box in the other. What is wrong with him right now? He runs out at one of her worst times and then comes running back when I fix the problem. How could they be together if he can't take care of her? He better learn how to or else I'm not letting this whole thing continue because she deserves the perfect person for her. Cara opened the box and saw a golden locket with their faces in it. On the left was a cute picture of them, and on he right was a weird one they took when we were at the beach on her birthday. They were talking and I was pretending to be on my phone but couldn't do it anymore.
"Could I talk with Jack for a second?" I asked Cara with the anger evident in my voice. She looked up at me and skeptically nodded her head. I got up and Jack followed behind me to the hallway.
"What he hell was that before you left? Huh, care to explain what was more important at the moment?" I asked him and his face started to get red as he glared at me.
"I was gonna tell you before you decided to make a big deal. Jacob's mom called me when I was on my way to the bathroom and... She told me Jacob just tried to kill himself by taking pills. I rushed over to the hospital to comfort her because nobody else answered their phones and I talked to Jacob. Are you satisfied now?" He asked before walking away.
I stood there with a blank face and stared down at the floor with my hands in my pocket. The only other time in my life that I've felt this low was when I yelled at Cara in that hotel. I took out my phone and called the airport to reschedule our flight for next month. After I was done doing that and calling the private driver, I walked back into the living room and told Cara to get ready.
She went upstairs and I turned to Jack before starting to talk,"I'm sorry about what just hap-" he cut me off before I can finish my sentence.
"It's okay, I would be mad if I had a daughter and someone did that to her", he said in a calm voice.
I nodded my head while staring in front of me. "Your a good person Jack, make sure that you remember that", I said while we made our way to the door. He gave me a small smile before Cara came running down the stairs with her bags. I was about to tell her that we aren't going to Edmonton right now but Jack jumped in.
"Uh, Cara we aren't going to Edmonton right now. Uhm, Jacob is in the hospital and we have to visit him-that's why I left earlier", he said with his eyebrows creased and his head tilted to the side with his hands in his pocket.
She looked down with red cheeks before saying,"Y-you were there?" He nodded his head and replied,"You need to stop being scared to show me your sensitive side. I'm right here for you", she nodded her head before walking past us and to the car. She needs to open up but she just keeps backing away. I'm letting her keep her distance a little because I don't want to pressure her.
Wow I can't believe it's almost a month since I started writing this. It feels like just a week ago I was sitting and was bored when I decided to write a book. Sorry that I've been bad at updating but I'm trying. Love you cheekas!

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