The Party

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My boyfriend and I were at a party, which was pretty boring if I do say so myself. I didn't know anyone, everyone here was basically Justin, my boyfriend, friends. I was just leaning against a wall drinking some water, I don't like drinking alcohol especially at a party. Mostly everyone here was either drunk, out dancing or somewhere in the house making out or having sex. I decided to go look for Justin since he has been gone for nearly an hour and tell him I was just going to head home. When I found him, he was in a room having sex with a blond headed slut.

"I can't believe this, Justin!" I exclaimed causing both of them to stop.

"Wait, Felicity, I can explain," Justin started as he got out of the bed.

"Save it, you man-whore, we're through!" I stated walking out of the room, furious.

"Felicity, wait," Justin said grabbing my wrist. "I love you."

"Ha, you have funny way of showing it," I told him pulling away my wrist storming out of the house yelling, "I never want to see you again."

I was furious to the max at what Justin did to me. I can't believe I actually fell for a guy like him, I thought angrly, i should've known it was too good to be true!

The night was quiet and cold, the wind was making my long blond hair blow around my face, I wrapped my arms around myself trying to keep myself warm. Probably wearing a jean skirt and a pink tank top with flip flops wasn't the best thing to wear in a night like this. My house was only three more blocks away, but I felt as if someone was following me. Next thing I know I'm being pushed in a dark, empty alley.

"You'll regret ever broke up with me, Felicity," it was Justin who pushed me holding a stern grip on my arms.

i struggled to get free. "Justin, let me go," I told him trying to shove him away but he was too strong.

"No," he said angrly. Thats when Justin covered my mouth with his hand and pulled down my underwear then skirt. I started screaming but it just came out muffled. Next thing i know i hear a faint buzz of a zipper being pulled down.

No, please, no, I thought terrified as tears fell from my face.

He pulled his hand away from my mouth.

From each motion Justin made, I tried to let out a scream for help, but he would only cover it up by covering up my mouth, kissing me, or whispering things in my ear I did not like. When it was finally over, Justin zipped up his pants but before he walked away he whispered something in my ear, "If you tell anyone about this, I will personally kill you, just be lucky I used a condom," he gave me a very passionate kiss before he left. My vision was blurry from my crying, I pulled my underwear and skirt back up and cried all the way home. Both inside and outside of me.


The picture on the side is of Felicity. By the way, in this chapter Felicity has blonde hair, i'll explain later in the next chapter why she changed her hair. And this is not me.

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