Niall Defense Squad

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A new guy walked into the premises of London High School, his eyes filled with nothing but boredom. High school life was not at all as beautiful and fun as those TV shows make it out to be. It's bland and boring. 

He paused in his track after having collected his time table and locker code, his eyes staring fixedly at the most beautiful human being in front of him. The short, curvy boy was picking pushing his books inside his locker, his entire attention focused solely on those books. 

  "Who's that?" the new guy asked, causing a nerdy guy with thick framed glasses to look at the direction of his stare. 

 "That's Niall. Niall Horan." 

 "A beautiful name for a beautiful boy." 

 The two men watched the shorter boy bend over to pick his fallen books. 

 "He wears panties?" 


 "His ass is....."

 "Big? Large? Huge? Amazing? Full? Beautiful? Heaven on Earth?" 

 "I need to chat him up." 

 "Good luck with that mate." 

 "What's that supposed to mean?"

 "You're going to need lots of luck to get past the Niall Defense Squad," The nerd answered, adjusting his glasses which licking his lips. That was just the effect Niall had on people. With his short frame, beautiful smile, ruffled hair and oh god those panties and extremely short skirts he wore. It was like he was begging to be fucked. 

"What's a Niall Defense Squad?" 

"Oh just four guys who are Niall's best friends but lowkey want to bury themselves in his tight virgin ass and pound him all night long." 

"Basically just like us?" The new guy chuckled, his gaze flicking back and forth between Niall's full, plump ass and the other dude he was talking to. 

"Not really. The big difference is, they actually talk to Niall and they actually touch his ass. We, can only watch and admire it." 

The bell rang, signalling the start of a boring and tiresome day and everyone in the London High School stopped for a minute and watched Niall walk down, his hips swaying making every other boy groan and every girl burn with jealously. 

But oh well, the defense squad can deal with those jealous bitches. 

AN/ I don't know if there is a London High School. I am clearly not from UK so I don't know lol. Anywhore, this is the prologue thingy for this story which I am planning on starting sometime in April. So, give me your suggestions for it. 

Red sign for this or green sign? Should I delete this or actually keep this and proceed? 

Oh btw, I suck in making covers so don't complain about the covers of my books. Lol. 

I love you guys :) Feel free to give me some suggestions for this story. 

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