Why Hyung??

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*Suhoe had logged on*

*Mr.Galaxy has logged on*

*LuluDeer has logged on*

*Sehunnie has logged on*

*JongBAE has logged on*

*SatanSoo has logged on*

*ParkingChanyeol has logged on*

*KungFuPanda had logged on*

*KimKaiii has logged on*

*Laynicorn has logged on*

*BaoziBuns has logged on*

*ByunBacon has logged on*

Sehunnie: Uhh, Hyungs what is this?

Suhoe: I made it so I can watch over you

Mr.Galaxy: How can you watch over us when you can't see us?


Laynicorn: Who is KungFuPanda?????

JongBAE: Really Lay??? That is so easy

Suhoe: For Lay's sake lets just say who we are, I'm Suho

JongBAE: I'm a dinosaur.

Suhoe: In other words Chen -.-

Mr.Galaxy: Kris who is the Galaxy Master.

KungFuPanda: Taooo~~!!

Sehunnie: Tao please don't be happy like a girl, we already have a girl in our group *cough* Luhan *cough* and if you can't guess I'm Sehun

LuluDeer: I AM NOT A GIRL!

Sehunnie: Yes you are

LuluDeer: NO

Sehunnie: YES

LuluDeer: NO

Sehunnie: YES

Luludeer: NO

Suhoe: Stop fighting children

Mr.Galaxy: Fight after we tell Lay who we are.

Suhoe: Really Kris

Mr.Galaxy: I'm helping

Suhoe: Let's just continue

LuluDeer: Luhan

BaoziBuns: Xiumin

SatanSoo: Kyungsoo

KimKaiii: Kai

ParkingChanyeol: Chanyeol

ByunBacon: Baekhyun

Laynicorn: Thanks guys

BaoziBuns: You welcome Lay (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

KimKaiii: What's for dinner?

SatanSoo: Kimchi

KimKaiii: Any chicken involved???

SatanSoo: Tomorrow night Jongin

KimKaiii: It's been 3 days since we had chicken!! I can't survive

ByunBacon: How long until dinner is ready?

SatanSoo: Yours is outside waiting for you

ByunBacon: Where??

SatanSoo: In the bin where you live

ParkingChanyeol: That isn't very nice bro

SatanSoo: I'm not nice

KimKaiii: Yes you are Hyung~~

SatanSoo: Jongin I'm trying to intimidate them

KimKaiii: Sorry hyung

*KimKaiii logged off*

ParkingChanyeol: Wait we can just log off whenever we want?

ByunBacon: Really Chanyeol, you didn't know

SatanSoo: I'm not surprised 

ParkingChanyeol: I will murder you with my ears dwarf

SatanSoo: I AM NOT A DWARF!!

ParkingChanyeol: YES YOU ARE!

SatanSoo: Fight me m8 I dare you (ง'̀-'́)ง

ParkingChanyeol: Meet me in the living room ರ_ರ

*SatanSoo logged off*

*ParkingChanyeol logged off*

ByunBacon: I feel like we should stop them before Kyungsoo kills Chan but I'm also worried if the food is still cooking

*ByunBacon logged off*

*Suhoe logged off*

Mr.Galaxy: I don't want to stop their fight, I wanna watch it. Anyone wanna join?

KungFuPanda: I WILL!!

*Mr.Galaxy logged off*

*KungFuPanda logged off*

JongBAE: Lay Hyung I'm putting glad wrap on the toilet seat in your room for Suho to find. Don't forget that its there. 

Laynicorn: Okay

*JongBAE logged off*

*Laynicorn logged off*

LuluDeer: I'm still not a girl

*LuluDeer logged off*

Sehunnie: Xiumin Hyung can we go get bubble tea??? Pleaseeeeee???

BaoziBuns: Go with Luhan

Sehunnie: You think he would go with me when I called him a girl?

BaoziBuns: No

Sehunnie: Exactly!

BaoziBuns: Fine but make sure Suho doesn't catch us

*BaoziBuns logged off*

Sehunnie: Yehet~!!

*Sehunnie logged off*

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