Chiron & Dionysus (Ft. Percy and Annabeth): Knowing All the Names

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"Dionysus," Chiron asked one day as they were playing pinochle as always.

"Yes, Chiron?" Dionysus looked up, taking a sip of his diet coke.

"I know you know all the names of the campers. So why do you purposely say their names wrongly?" Chiron wondered.

"Because, I've watched you for a long time interacting with those demigods of yours. Being so close to them when they're not immortal isn't very fun is it?" Dionysus finally spoke up.

"It shows you care about their well being," Chiron replied.

There was nothing wrong in showing your students you cared about them.

"You still don't get it. Think about it this way... If Annie Bell and Perry Johnson died, how would you feel? Sad. Heartbroken. Soulless? Maybe you'd be okay feeling that way with just two students... but always remember here in camp, we have hundreds of demigods. Probably one or two will be as famous as Hercules and live up to be a minor god. The thing is, Chiron, you'll never get to see them again. I'm immortal, and you could just say so for yourself too." Dionysus looked far away, trying not to think about the dead.

"The students that die, will only affect me if you let them affect you. I choose not to, by ignoring them, showing that I don't care at all. Thinking that the water kid was just the water kid wouldn't affect me as much if I called him Percy Jackson." Dionysus continued after some time.

"Don't you feel, maybe, sad if they didn't know you actually knew their name? Especially after they pass on..." Chiron questioned.

Sure, Chiron missed all of his students deeply. But time did that to them. Monsters, too. But thinking about it, Annabeth was just like his own daughter, watching her die, was something Chiron never wanted to see and know. So maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't have to suffer if he too didn't care.

"But of course, I try not to care. And don't try to act the way I do, because camp... wouldn't be any fun without you."


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