Chapter One Hundred Fifteen

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Anora awoke one morning to find herself alone in the bed, she lifted her head up with a slight yawn and looked around. She remained silent to see if she could hear Charlie moving around, but as she caught sight of the clock, she was confused to think that Charlie would be up so early. She sat up and placed her feet on the floor, only to see Iggy walking into the bedroom. 

The cat meowed and walked over to her slowly. She smiled and lifted him up. "Feeling your age today, aren't you?" She said.

Iggy rested in her arms as she stood up and left the bedroom to the kitchen. She saw that Charlie's work boots were still by the doors with hers, making her curious as to where the man was.

"Charlie?" she called out.

Iggy meowed louder. She laughed as began to set the tea kettle upon the stove .

"Where is he?" 

She glanced down to Iggy, who stared up at her.

"You know, don't you?"

Iggy rested his face into her arm purring.

"And of course, you're not going to tell me. For shame, Iggy, who's taking care of you after all this time?"

As soon as Anora was dressed for the day she headed to see where Charlie had run off to, when she opened the door to find Magnus on the other side.

Before he could say anything, Anora had been startled and instead jumping back, she reacted by striking him in the face.

Magnus fell off the steps onto the ground.

"Merlin's beard, Magnus!" she quickly ran down the steps over to his side. "I'm so sorry!"

"No, it's I who should be sorry.I didn't mean to frighten you, but it's good to see your startle reflexes are working properly."

Anora saw the red mark developing on his face and grimaced.

 "I guess that's a good thing since we work with dragons." Magnus told her. "Anyways, I've come to you with work."

"Oh okay, what do you need me to?"

"We have an elder with a fractured tooth."

"Yikes." Anora frowned. "Female?"


"Double yikes."

"Sebastian needs your assistance. I have already sent a good amount of workers towards the southern field."

"Alright, I'll head out there. But before I do, have you seen Charlie at all? Normally, I have to force him out of bed."

"Ah yes, he's not at the sanctuary today."

Anora placed her hands on her hips. "What? Why?"

"I sent him on a few errands." Magnus said. "Now, Sebastian is waiting for you."

Anora wasn't given the chance to ask anymore questions pertaining to Charlie's errands as Magnus left.

She left back inside to grab her wand, curious as to what Charlie was up to.

"No..." Charlie shook his head at the jeweler. The old man behind the counter stared at the young man.

"No? How can you say no to this one?" the man said. "The diamond is beautifully cut."

"I'm not looking for diamonds."

The man was baffled by Charlie's statement.

"But diamonds-"

"Are not for my lady." Charlie smiled. "I'm not looking for something that other women want because Anora is not like other women. I want to find something that will speak to her."

The jeweler sighed. "Fine, tell me some things about this woman then?"

"Well, she's basically a dragon."


"Ah elders are bitchy to begin with, but an elder with a fractured tooth...Merlin be with us." Anora said as she stood beside Sebastian.

"It's worse than a fractured tooth, Anora. It's already become abscessed, it's going to be disgusting." Sebastian frowned after the dragon had been sedated somewhat.

Anora clapped him on the back. "She's all yours."


The elder while unable to move much still had some control and snorted smoke in Sebastian's face several times. Luckily, with magic, the process of extracting the tooth would go by so much quicker.

Anora stood by the dragon's head and rested her hand between the dragon's eyes. "Poor thing...must be have Sebastian this close to you."

Sebastian looked up at her. "Ha. Ha."

"I'm only teasing." she said.

"Teasing me because Charlie isn't here?" Sebastian countered.

"Do you know where he is?"

"I might." Sebastian told her.

"Oh really? And it's some secret because?"

"Because." Sebastian answered.

"Very informative."

Sebastian just smiled at her while Anora whispered something to the dragon. Suddenly, the dragon snorted more smoke in Sebastian's face.

"Okay that was your fault." Sebastian glared at Anora.

"Are you suggesting that I can communicate with dragons? Don't be ridiculous."

Suddenly, the abscess was cut into and the smell was foul.

"Oh merciless...what is that?!" Anora cried out covering her nose and mouth.

Before Sebastian could answer, one of the workers fainted from the smell and fell to the ground.

"It's never a dull day here, is it?"

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