s*t*a*r*s - pt 12 - Part 1 Finale

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            The remaining five keep shifting, taking lumbering and awkward steps towards them.  “You’d better do it again,” says Rylee.  She gets up, reaching up and touching Spencer’s neck, Spencer doesn’t move from the touch.  “Crap.”

            “What?”  asks Spencer trying to draw in as much power as possible from the surroundings.  Trying desperately  not to draw any of the life force that the girls exude, because Spencer doesn’t know how well she’d do with turning off that wealthy tap.

            “Not going to work,” whines Rylee.  “They are immune to you now.”

            “Crap,” says Abby.  She back peddles right into the arms of one of the rock-things.  She screams bloody murder.  Sydney rushes to her, grabbing her hand and pulling her away.  The thing holds fast.  Abby struggles, slamming her elbows into it to no avail.

            Spencer sees it before it happens, a soft orange light, growing brighter then – the sentry disappears, simply dust in the air. 

            “You did that,” says Rylee.  “You can—”

            “Change the composition of things,” says Abby.  “I’ve never been able to do it at will.”

            “We all have them, don’t we?” asks Rylee.

            “We do,” says Spencer.  “Next?” asks the girl as if someone having a power an everyday event.  Her lips curl into a feral smile.  “Gather around, we got four to go.  Pony up girls, time to show these things what we are made of.  Rylee if you see something, shout it out.  Stay close, your power isn’t active.”

            “I can take care of myself, thanks,” says Rylee snidely.  “I don’t need you to take care of me, Spencer Andrews.”

            “I simply don’t want that pretty mug of your getting hurt in the scuffle,” says Spencer sarcastically.

            “No more flirting you two,” says Tegan.  The rock-things begin to walk towards them, arms in front of them, looming and menacing.  “How about a little extra time?” asks Tegan.  A green shock wave, with Tegan as the epicenter, washes over the room and the sentries stop moving.

            “You…,” begins Sydney.

            “Stop time?” asks Rylee.  “You never said  anything.”

            “You never asked,” says Tegan her green eyes smiling.  “I can’t hold it for long, so take ‘em out girls.”

            Spencer smiles again, sending out two blue flaming balls of energy at the sentries that are closest to her, she has to strike them each twice as hard as the time before, but slowly they begin to crumble.  Abby bears down, concentrating, not able to direct her powers that way, she swears.  “I can’t do it.”

            “I can,” says Sydney.  She calmly walks to the remaining two sentries.  “You know, they are still moving but really slowly…,” muses the youngest, cocking her head to the left, studying it with rapt interest. 

            “Syd,” chides Rylee.  Not seeing anything at all at the moment, and it bothers her.  They are right, her powers are not active, she would weight them down.

            Sydney reaches out, fingertips lightly touching the hard rock of the sentries and then a sun yellow light envelopes them and they are gone.

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