Chapter 3: Abjure

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Chapter 3


A few days later it was a Friday. I had no plans, so I texted Abigail. Maybe she was free, too. I was thinking about asking her to the movies, just as friends. A date was out of the question, since she didn't have any feelings for me.

If I had any other friends, I would have invited them along, to make her feel more comfortable. I thought about Xavier, but had no way to get in touch with him. I needed to ask for his cell number next time we met.

Stretching, I was about to head downstairs when my phone buzzed. I hopped back into bed and saw that she had texted me already. I grinned.

You answered back really quick

I've been up for like three hours

Oh. Anyways, I have a question


So like there's that movie that came out last 

night. And I've been wanting to see it, 

and I was just wondering if you wanted to go too.

If you can't it's okay I completely 

understand. I was just wondering. 

Because I don't really have anyone else to take. 

Well, this one kid but yeah 

I don't know his number

Sure, I'll go :) Are you 

asking me out on a date?

What?! No, no. Nothing like that. 

Just as friends

Do friends give each other 

get-well kisses? Cough cough

Shhhh that never happened.

There's no ice cream truck 

to save you this time

But there is breakfast. 

And I'm hungry

You're ridiculous :) 

When you coming to pick me up, 


I don't speak italian. and 3ish. 

See ya then. I'ma go eat now


I took the stairs two-at-a-time, hopping over the last couple. My uncle looked up from his morning paper where he was seated, at the wooden table. The kitchen cabinets and drawers were all made of wood, too. I loved the house. The entire place was cozy and inviting, with pictures everywhere and a soft color of paint on every wall.

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