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Hanbin stood with his bare feet on his white decorated balcony. His elbows rested on the railing and his right hand held a considerably large, black coffee mug.

It was too hot to drink now without scalding his tongue so Hanbin looked across the city's busy streets as he waited for the beverage to cool.

Cars rushing back and forth, people rushing back and forth. It was the same every morning he came up here. The only apparent differences being the weather.

It was foggy this morning and extremely cold. Cold to a point Hanbin hated himself for not wearing suitable clothing.

The boy coughed. He felt a little sick again. He was working himself too hard. He was only twenty-four and he would stay up until dawn up to his neck in paperwork and voicemails.

He had been told by his friend to slow down and take a rest. Maybe that's what he should do.

Take a rest.

Hanbin was blowing hot air to cool his drink when he heard a noise rise from behind his bedroom door.

Was someone in his house? Or was it the bird that always seemed to fly in through his window?

Hanbin put the mug on the table outside, jammed his feet into his shoes and stepped slowly about his apartment.

A quarter step into the living room he was faced with a person with their leg over the windowsill and their head looking out, presumably for the bag they soon hauled in.

It was a girl.

With a small frame, mismatched socks and a toy lion on a keychain whose mane happened to bear resemblance to hers.

Hanbin watched her stumble onto his carpet and he cringed because he had just bought it the other day. As she peered back out the window, left and right, Hanbin slowly brought out his phone to call the police.

He wasn't going to tackle her. Not because she was a girl but because he was so tired and he didn't want to accidentally kill her without meaning to.

"What do you think you're doing?" Hanbin spoke quietly to the oblivious girl.

She slid the window down and turned on her heel, gasping quietly when she saw Hanbin. "Fuck, dude. You scared me," she breathed out and put her hand over her racing heart.

"What do you mean I scared you? This is my house!" She gasped again even louder when she saw his finger hovering over the call button. Talk about late reactions, geez.

She looked around for a second and scratched her mane over dramatically. "Oh really? I could've sworn—"

"I don't know who the fuck you are but if you don't shimmy yourself back out my window, I'm calling the cops," Hanbin demanded, moving closer towards the girl, who took three steps back for every single one he made.

"Damn, why so salty?" she steadied herself by placing both hands on the parallel sides of the window.


"I said, 'why so—"

"No, I heard you. Why do you kids say such stupid shit? It's like me calling somebody minty fresh. It makes no sense."

"Wait, us kids? How old are you, dude?"

"Why would I let you know that? You're leaving," he picked up her bag and dragged his feet along the carpeted floor until he reached the entrance of his apartment.

He dumped it on the floor and she ignored him, running her dainty fingers along the surface of his countertop. "Well, I'm seventeen, thanks for asking."

"I didn't ask—" Hanbin said to the girl wandering through his abode as if she paid the bills.

"Your house is cute," she poked her head through the open door of his bedroom, pupils sweeping over his floor that was scattered with multiple objects from bottles of water pilled up into a corner to magazines of all sorts spilling off his cabinet.

Hanbin stopped in his tracks, pulling her out by her hood. "Cute?" he looked into her eyes.

"Yeah, cute," she grinned. It was like she was challenging him. But to what?

"Wait, you're seventeen?" Hanbin felt his eyebrows furrow and his throat tighten as her giving information sunk into his brain. She looked way older than seventeen.

"I already established that. How old are you?"

"Too old to have a minor in my house without reason. You need to go."


"I don't know! Your own house?"

She looked down with her hair in her eyes as she whispered. "I can't do that."

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