Chloe Elizabeth Sommers had been through a lot but she was always aware that she could have had it worse. Despite the fact that she had hard times, she had always had luxuries because of her father's work. She had only 7 years of memories of her mother before she left her and her father, then she had lost her father to cancer. But everything in between that wasn't horrible. Yes, she had always wondered why her mother left , if it was because of her but at a point she stopped questioning it everyday. It still hurt, she didn't think it would ever stop but she wouldn't allow the thoughts to rule her life.

But of course the effect the abandonment left on her father had always been visible and it was that, that made her put up walls around her heart. She didn't want to feel the heartbreak her father had felt and she didn't want to feel the disappointment of having someone that you are completely in love with to leave you. So she never had a boyfriend for more than two months and stayed as far away from people she knew she could fall in love with as possible. But with everything else she was just a normal girl that was until she met Stefan Salvatore.

They met by complete coincidence one day at a park in Los Angeles. And they instantly became the best of friends. And through most of the friendship she had no idea about his secret and Stefan enjoyed the feeling of normality the young blonde gave him.

But on the day of 17th birtday party, Zach, her ex boyfriend went to her house to look for her.

"Why did you break up with me? We were happy, so why?" He demanded in answer as soon as she opened the door.

"Zach? What are you even doing? We haven't talked in months. Why do this now?"

"I am the one asking the questions," he growled.

Chloe scoffed, "Whatever bad cop. You need to get the hell out of my house!"

"You do not tell me what to do! You lost that privilege when you broke up with me!"

"I don't ca-" but before she could finish her sentence Zack had flashed in front of her with red eyes and veins popping under them. She let out a piercing scream as the vampire bit into her throat.

After a little, she could no longer scream and the only reason she was up was because of the vampire who was holding her up but as soon as he let go she fell to the floor. He left soon after that leaving the girl as good as dead. But before the blood loss became too much Stefan came into the house. He fed her his blood and healed the wound on the neck despite the difficulty he faced seeing and smelling all of her blood. After she had regained consciousness he compelled her to forget the events of the night but of course the story didn't end there.

Later that night, while Stefan had gone out hunting Zack had came back. He snapped her neck quickly and easily, killing her instantly.

After a month, Stefan had taught her many things but it had not been hard. It was almost like if she was born to become a vampire. The control and using her new power was a cakewalk especially after Stefan had gotten her a daylight ring. So Stefan decided that it was time to make his way to check on his town Mystic Falls, Virginia. But he had just called it as home when he talked to Chloe about the subject and after sad goodbyes he left the new vampire to discover more about her powers on her own.

About a year after that, her father had been diagnosed with cancer and the worst part was that the doctors had said that it had not been found in time to save him and they were right. A few months later Chloe received a call from his doctor saying that he had passed and the slight temptation she had first felt to turn off her humanity increased tremendously but she didn't. She was already 18 at the time and had just finished high school but of course with everything going on college was not on her mind. All she knew was that she didn't want to be alone.

About a month later, her father's sister, her aunt, Jenna Sommers had just died too and her cousins, Jeremy and Elena Gilbert that had already lost their parental figure once were living with her boyfriend Alaric Saltzman.

So she figured that taking a year off from college to help out family and distract herself from her father's death sounded a whole lot better than the other option so she got on a plane and left for Virginia without a second thought.


Author's Note

I changed a couple things for the rewritten version and I got to say that I am a lot happier with this than I ever was with the original version of this story. I hope you guys enjoyed the prologue. Don't forget to vote!

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