Today was the first day of school since the fire. And in the first time forever I didn't want to go. I got out of bed and put on some clothes.

I went downstairs and text Rylie

Lisa: I'm not mad at you. I was never mad at you. I love you very much. Its just that you are related to Ryan and everything i see you ill be thinking bout him because y'all look alike and it will just make me remember everything again. Plus i think I still got feelings for him. I shut out everyone. I didn't mean to put out my anger on y'all. Do you forgive me?

Rylie: its okay. I love you too. Im coming over. Please talk to Ryan for me.

Me: fine but only for you!

I put my phone down and unlocked the door. Tony and Chriscame downstairs and wrapped his arms around me. I told them "I love you and i missed you too."

They help me in the kitchen to prepare breakfast.(eggs, bacon, Pillsbury biscuits, and sausage). I put some music on and watched as he started dancing to stick in a feeling by prince Royce.

The door opened and in came Rylie and Ryan. As Ryan walked in he just stared at me and mouth the words "I'm sorry. Please let me explain."

Since he was close to the door, I dragged him outside. He looked at me with his sparkling eyes and started talking" The day of the party I got a text to come upstairs. I went upstairs and then Chloe told me you were in the room not feeling good. So i went in there and so did she, but when i saw you werent in there i turned around and tried to leave, but couldn't because she was there blocking the door. Then she pushed me to the bed and start kissing me and taking her clothes off. that's when you came in."

I looked at him as he said "I love you Lisa and I care bout you. I would never intentionally hurt you."

I couldn't find my voice. "Why didn't you stop her, you are 10x bigger than her?"

"I honestly don't know- I remember her saying she will have you killed you if I didn't." He put his hands on my waist and I didn't stop him. I didn't know what to do right now. When it comes to him My guard is always down.

"I love you Lisa and no one else." He bent his head down and looked at me with his sparkling eyes then kissed me.

I could feel the electricity going through my body. As an instinct, I put my hand around his neck then through his hair. Hands still around my waist, never breaking the kiss, he pulled me up on him and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

And that's when I felt it right in my sensitive spot. It was getting harder and harder and bigger and bigger.
His lips went lower to my neck. a low moan came from me. pleasure! I was happy right here with ryan. Even if he cheated. Then i thought about him and chloe. I ended the kiss quickly and went inside.

Minutes later he came in. We finished the breakfast and went to the car and drove off to school. I looked at him. Do I still love him?

Argh! I'm sorry don't hate me. Please I just had to do this. I wanted it to seem that Ryan is a good guy. He might have just sprung out some 1 month old feelings again. I know you love me. And I know some of you hate- now despise Ryan. But let's say if he was to win back her heart how would you feel. Well onto the next lame chapter of my book you go!

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