Chapter 2| Two Greenies in two Days?

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I woke up not knowing where I was

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I woke up not knowing where I was. The fresh air and warm sun made me know where I was, the glade. Minho and Alby ran into the maze. I wanted to be them.

"Big day, you are going to be working with me," Newt said behind me making me jump, "also last night, you were screaming a name. Thomas, it was." The color drained from my face. Thomas in the dream was my brother. If that wasn't real then why do I have the scar to prove it?

"Hey Lily come on," I noticed that all of the boys were already working. I hopped up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. We grabbed breakfast and started working. Newt made me cut potatoes out of the ground. I started to daydream what it would be like to go in the maze. A piercing pain erupted in my finger as a wet substance started to seep out. I looked at the ground as a drop of blood landed on the dry dirt.

"Ow," I murmured. I hid my finger behind my back as Newt turned to see what happened. The knife cut me.

"I saw that," Newt said as he dropped his hoe and walked over. He grabbed my arm that was behind my back.

"Oh come on its not that bad," I protested as he inspected it, "the blood just makes it look worse."

"Nope, let's take you to the medjacks," the what? He never told me about the medjacks before. He pulled me into another poor built building made out of branches, sticks, and ropes. Inside were bandages and wrap.

"What do you need?" a boy that I didn't know asked.

"She cut herself," the boy grabbed my hand and inspected it.

"We just need to clean it up and wrap it," he explained.

After we were walking out with my new bandaged finger a blaring alarm made me jump and cover my ears. I turned to Newt for an answer but it didn't look like he had one.

"That's the greenie alarm. But you were the one that came this month and you've been here for only two days," Newt ran for the box with me following closely behind. What is going on? Why does everyone look so frantic?  We made it to the box right when Gally was opening it.  Gally jumped in.

"Well hello greenie," Gally pulled out a frightened boy with dark brown hair and dark eyes. He was breathing rapidly.

The crowd of boys circled him like they did to me. Then we locked eyes, I already know who he is except I don't know if it's true. He stared back. The boys turned their heads to me in sync. This was to much I started to turn to run but I noticed that the greenie was running at a fast pace to no where.

"We've got a runner!" The crowd shouted.

His feet got tangled and he plummeted to the ground. The boys burst out laughing as he got up. Then he spun in a circle taking in his surroundings. A grassy field, then big cement walls trapping us inside. Alby helped him up but put him in the slammer.  I followed him when he put him in the slammer.  But then Alby left.

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