Chapter 6 - Sabotage

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I managed to survive the night without any interference from Sabine. My hair was the same length, my clothes were intact, and my face was free from vulgar marker scrawling. I guess Sabine, petty as she was, would not stoop that low. Either that or she had something heinous for me in store later.

The interviews would be taking the course of two days. The fifty girls were split in half, each group going on a separate day. Mine was scheduled for day two. Much to my chagrin, so was Sabine's. While was glad I didn't have to face the king just yet, but I was hoping hers would be before mine so she could stay out of my hair.

Mercifully, she decided to do that on her own. She avoided going to our hotel room, so I hid in there all day like a coward. Boy, I sure couldn't wait to tell the king that little tidbit in our interview. It wouldn't even be the most embarrassing thing we'd talk about.

I passed the hours reading. By nighttime I had managed to finish both of the books I brought, so I daydreamed about how nice my life would be if this dreadful competition never happened. And wishing I had the foresight to bring more books. How was I supposed to know I would make it past the first round?

I tried turning on the TV from which Melanie announced our first challenge, but all I got was static. I wasn't allowed to bring a phone with me, which was understandable. The king didn't want us blabbing about the competition to family and friends back home. But no TV? How were the lazy and antisocial supposed to entertain themselves?

That left me with few options except for sleep, so sleep I did. When the alarm rang the next morning, I shot out of bed eagerly. It was interview time, and I was so bored from the previous day that I actually looked forward to it.

Sabine had not spoken to me or acknowledged my presence in any way, which made me anxious. We both got ready in silence and slunk off to have breakfast.

After breakfast was over, we were each given a tablet with an extensive catalogue of fancy dresses, shoes, and jewelry. Our assignment until lunch time was to choose what to wear to our interview. The other girls perused the catalogue with delight. I groaned inwardly at the idea of having to pick out a dress myself. The catalogue was massive and I knew next to nothing about fashion.

The dress I picked was floor length and made of light blue silk. I chose a pair of simple white heels, but opted to spoil myself with a pair of diamond earrings and a matching necklace. A nagging voice in the back of my head chastised me for playing along with the competition, but I silenced it. When else would I get the chance to wear diamonds?

After lunch the other twenty four contestants and I found ourselves back in the basement with Michael Kent — our director, and the styling team. I was sure they'd get to breathe easier since they were only styling twenty five girls today and not 100 like last time.

Dresses in every color hung on racks around the floor. I spotted my pick right as I was escorted to a makeup chair. A lean man with a goatee and piercings smiled at me and offered me his hand to shake.

"My name is Pablo and I will be doing your makeup today. Just tell me what you have in mind and I will do my best to recreate it," he said, his voice enthusiastic.

"I uh, kind of want to keep things light and simple. Maybe match my dress?" I said, hoping that was helpful.

He tapped his chin with the end of a makeup brush, his eyes scrutinizing my face. "I can do that."

"Get her dress ready!" came the voice of Michael Kent from behind me. I watched as a short, dark haired girl with glasses looked into Michael's tablet and scurried off in the direction of the dress racks.

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