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Chapter 34

Nicholas St. Claire


                I glanced at the speedometer and noted the dial had just inched over a hundred. My stomach churned not because of how fast we were going but because I was worried we weren’t going fast enough. The decision had been made to drive a third of the way there before shifting and attacking them as they were preparing to move. The drive to the rogues location included going through other cities and towns hence the reason we had to drive instead of just running the full way.

                “Half hour.” Kyle murmured from the passenger seat, dipping his head down a bit to glance at the sun that was slowly setting.

                “Half hour till what?” Wes asked from the backseat of the SUV.

                As the pack had been preparing to leave Wes had come storming through in search of his sister. Even though to anyone else he looked enraged, I could see the panic and worry in him at his sister not coming home after school. It had only been amplified when he realized sometime during the day when he was out looking for Libby the woman who had called herself their mother had packed her belongings and left. I had no doubt her husband had tipped her off and told her to leave.

                When I gave Wes a quick run down of everything we had found out his immediate demand was to go along. My first instinct was to tell him no but I figured if it had been Lilly, I would have gone after my little sister too.

                “Elle and Melody said the plan was to leave when the sun went down and attack at midnight. That leaves us a half hour until the sun is completely down and they’re on the move. We need to hit them before they leave or else it’ll be a bloody chase.” Kyle muttered, glancing again at the diminishing sun.

                I checked in my rear view mirror and saw the cars of the other members of my pack following behind me. Further behind them, Kyle’s pack was crammed into various cars and keeping speed with the rest of us. I’m sure if you put all of the cars we were using together it would be enough to fill a showroom but at the moment I couldn’t care less that it must have seemed odd for twenty some SUV’s to be rolling through all these cities together.

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