Chapter One

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It was the second day of May in the morning. Harry came downstairs to find Lucy in the kitchen in their Kensington Palace apartment. Lucy sipped on coffee as she read an article about herself in the newspaper. She wasn't aware that she was expecting twins, but it must have been true because it was in the newspaper. Her smirked at the work of the picture, when the wind had caught Lucy at a bad angle made her dress flare. It was enough to start rumors of some arrivals.

"You're reading them again?" Harry groaned, pulling out a coffee cup.

"I'm pregnant with twins and you have a mistress." Lucy arched an eyebrow. "Also, the twins are possibly not yours."

Harry walked over and kissed Lucy on the forehead. "Either way, you're beautiful."

"As usual," she commented, eyes scanning the newspaper. "As much as I love seeing pictures of me and learning things about myself daily, do they ever get anything right?"


She laughed.

Harry's eyes found Lucy as she smirked at the table. She was calm, relaxed, a rarity, especially nowadays. Somehow the papers gave her a kick. Harry didn't understand fully but it made her happy. She liked to laugh at the papers and laugh at herself most of the time. There was light in her eyes. Her lips were upturned.

"Luce, I'll be right back."

She waved him off.

Harry kept a watchful eye on her as he left the room, and then he bounded up the stairs. When he came back down, Lucy hadn't even looked up from the newspaper, though she had moved onto a different story. Now she read about the government, perhaps some of her favorite articles. Her eyes stayed down as she skimmed. Lucy brushed her blond hair back.

"Luce, can you stand up for me, please?"

"Yes, Harry, I have that ability." Lucy stood and took her eyes off the newspaper. She gave him a confused look to why she stood.

"Can you turn around for me, please?"

Lucy sighed and turned around, her back to him. She waited. Her eyes traveled over the windows. "Harry, why am I doing this?"

Suddenly, something came into her vision, attached to Harry's hands. The chain was silver banded and it was weighed down by a locket, in the shape a rose. Lucy picked up her hair automatically and drew it away. Harry put the locket fully on her neck, drawing back. He clicked it together. The cold locket rested on her skin.

Slowly, Lucy picked up the locket in her fingertips, examining it. It shined in the London morning light. It was heavy and silver. She began to turn around. "Harry, why did you--"

"Luce, turn back around," Harry said quickly.

She sighed and did. Lucy hated being told what to do, but Harry wouldn't do this unless it was necessary. She leaned against the kitchen island. "I mean, it's beautiful, Harry, really, but I thought we weren't doing extravagant presents, and yes, this is an extravagant present to me. People don't just get each other silver lockets because they feel like it. There must be some special occasion-- is there a special occasion?"

"Luce, open the locket."

Picking up the locket again, she fumbled with it. It seemed to be accidentally jammed shut. Her fingers were a little too big to get it open, so she pushed her fingernail underneath the clasp and yanked upward. The rose locket case opened. White paper had been placed where pictures should have gone. With the white paper, there were red letters written. On the left side, it was written Will You. On the right side, it was written Marry Me?

Lucy had to say it aloud, "Will you marry me?"

It didn't register to her originally. None of the words made sense. Slowly, it clicked to her. Her mind started to work again. She knew what it said now. The rest of her body was frozen, unsure what to do next. Perhaps it was best to turn around.

Slowly, Lucy faced him.

Harry was down on his knee, other knee straight up. Instead of a small case in his hands, he held his right hand up. A ring was situated between his thumb and his forefinger. Lucy's eyes tried to focus on the ring but there was something more important about the current scene: Harry was in front of her, asking her a question.

"Lucy, will you marry me?"

Shit. She was supposed to say something, wasn't she? Shit. What was she supposed to say? She wasn't supposed to just stare at him. Words needed to come out, preferably one word. There was one single word that was supposed to come out of her mouth. Either the word would've been really bad or really good.


There was the word!

A grin immediately spread across his face, going from ear to ear. His eyes were the brightest that Lucy had ever seen, and her eyes were only on him. He was in front of her, breathing harshly. This had to be nerve-racking for him. He could have actually had the thought that Lucy would say no, and perhaps the thought crossed her mind, to get out. But she wanted this-- she wanted a life with him. She said yes.

After she said yes, what were they supposed to do? What was the next move? The ring was supposed to be put on, right? It was supposed to be on the left, the ring finger. Was she supposed to move or was he? Were they supposed to do it together? Lucy didn't really care about the ring; she wasn't even sure what it looked like. It came Harry, which was important, but he had good taste or someone had good taste so the ring had to be pretty.

Harry made the move, after realizing Lucy wasn't going to. A smile still on his face, he tentatively reached out and took Lucy's hand in his. He slipped the ring on. Harry stood up and kissed Lucy in happiness, quick like a peck. He then lifted her left hand, where the engagement ring stayed, and kissed it.

The ring was heavy on her hand, heavier than Lucy expected. Lucy had a few rings in her time, wearing the same ones since high school, but soon those would be retired as this ring was slid on. The silver band was on the thicker side in the back, as it tried to hold on all the tiny diamonds that laced around it. It wasn't just one silver band but three that weaved together around one massive clear-cut diamond. It was classical in a way but it was modern with the size. It was smaller than others, probably cheaper than others. Yet it was almost too much for Lucy.

Her eyes popped out of her head as Harry watched her. She was supposed to wear this every day? It was beautiful but she couldn't wrap her mind around it.

"Do you like it?" Harry asked.

Slowly her eyes came up to him. "Yes."

He laughed. "You will wear it at public events and days like that, when the family gets together, but, Luce, you don't have to wear it when it's just us or when you don't have to anything."


"Luce, I know you. I know this isn't your style. I also know you like to lounge around." He took a shaky breath. "I had help from the monarchy upon choosing it. I thought it matched your personality, and--"

"Harry," Lucy said, drawing him back to her. "I love it. I love you." She kissed him.

It was true, Lucy didn't love the ring but she would. She loved Harry, and that was what mattered. This was just a ring she would wear for show. The real love she had for him was inside.

"Luce," Harry said, "you're marrying me."


He laughed. His arms curled around her.

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