Chapter 7

A revenge best served.


An oppressive air has been lurking over the town. Bad temper, irritation, and fights have increased in this already paranoid valley. No one has noticed the change for it is subtle but it’s getting stronger.

Ariel POV

   It has been a week since the last red moon. Aaron and Griffin have served their time and are now hanging out with us at Margo's.

   Sofi is sitting on the floor resting against Aaron front, Griffin is sitting on the opposite side of the room glaring at them but not saying anything.

   Jarad is sitting next too me, holding my hand; we trade gentle, pleasant shocks back and forth.

  Margo has been trying to flirt with him all day and she is really beginning to get on my nerves. I keep getting blurry visions of her trying to steal a kiss and Jarad rejecting her.

  ‘Do you want me to do something about her?’ Leira’s thoughts float gently through my mind.

   I can't tell if she is responding to my thoughts or something she has heard in Margo's.

 'No, I've got this.’

   In the past I have let Leira fight a lot of my battles for me It’s not that I’m a coward it's just that she is so much better at it then me, but not this time. I've decided he is mine and I'm not going to let some trumped up bimbo try and take him from me.

  "It's so hot!" I hear Lei whine while she fans herself.

  "I know! Why don't we all go for a swim in the bath house pool?" I knew the plan and wanted to help.

  "I don't know," Sofi hedged, "I will be packed down there."

   "Come on Sofi. Somnum is almost over, by the time everyone is ready the place will be empty." complained Margo.

  "Okay fine, who else is in?" Sofi gave in gracefully, hiding a smirk behind her raised arm.

   Everyone raised their hand and agreed get changed and meet back at the bathhouse in twenty minutes.


    After an hour of messing around in the cool water I was tired and ready to go home. Climbing out of the pool I grabbed my towel and watched the others play.

   Sofi and Aaron challenged Leira and Griffin to a game of chicken, it was a pretty even match up. Leira could hear her opponents moves before they did them, but Sofi was unconsciously causing the water to bubble and suck at Griffin's feet, throwing off his balance. In the end they both ended up going down at the same time, causing more bickering about who the winner was.    

   At the start Margo had kept finding excuses to leave the water, giving Jarad a chance to admired her new and revealing swimsuit. Now she is using any excuse to brush up against him, that girl had better stop soon or she is going down.

  Others got out and joined me on the stone seats and waited. Finally Griffin emerges from the water still arguing with Aaron over who won, so he doesn't notice who passes him the towel.

  He dries himself off before starting to pull on his shirt when the first twitch started. Then another, and another, soon he was jerking around twitching and itching with no relief. In the end he jumped in the water, clothes and all, but even that didn't seem to help.

  All of us are laughing as he splashes about but non so much as Sofi, who is hugging her stomach, doubled over with mirth.

  Scratching while glaring he cries, "What did you do?"

  "Soaked your towel in Galvous nettles!" Sofi sniggered before laughing out load once more. "That will teach you to mess with me!"

  Sofi walks off with Aaron and Margo, giving Lei a high five as she passes.  

  While I watch them go, Lei walks forward offering him a hand up.

  "I don't trust you," he staring darkly at her hand.

  "Come on, you know I had to do it."

  "Well thanks to you I will be itching all night."

  "That's not true and you know it. You can stop that itch anytime you want to, so stop being such a baby. Though I do suggest you itch whenever you see Sofi, it will make her feel better. "

    Griff brows furrow in confusion, but doesn’t say anymore.

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