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I try to get away from my aunt but she is a bit more stronger than me. I couldn't do anything but let her hit me until she thought fit to stop. Which was two hours later. 

I lay in bed in pain when I get a text from Seth. 

*how are you? You left quickly after dinner.* I sigh as I reply.

*I'm fine. Had to get back it was lat . I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.* I then off my phone. I don't want him to get suspicious and come over. 

I fall asleep after I take some pain medicine. I don't wake up until my aunt bangs on the door for me to get up and go to school. 

I get dressed in black leggings, white tank top, a red flannel, and black anckle boots. I then throw my hair up in a pony tail. Add mascara and a lipstain. Once I am dressed and ready I pack my backpack that I didn't realize was here and my duffle with everything I need. I grab my keys and head downstairs to my black truck. Throwing my bags in the back seat I head to school. 

When I get there I see the guys in front of a white truck. I wave as I get out of my truck, but don't go to them. I go to my locker. I know everyone can see my bruises but I don't care. No one cares either. I sit in the back of first period trying to get through the day. I sit in the back every class until lunch. Once lunch cones I get in line to get food. I get a sandwich, fruit, soda, and chips. I pay and head to my usual table. In the back corner near the windows. I eat silently until I hear chairs being moved around me. I look up to see the guys sitting and talking. I keep my head down as I eat so they can't see my face. I also put my hair in front of my face. 

I could feel eyes on me so I move my eyes to see that Seth is watching me. I quickly look down again. I wrap my food up and put in my bag and then leave. 

I am at my locker when I feel heat around me. I sigh as I shut my locker and put my head against the cool metal. I turn around and look at them. The guys gasp as they see all my bruises. I also show the ones on my arms, stomach, and ribs. 

"Sesy! You are not going back to that house." Seth says looking at embry, quil, and Jared.

"I know. I have my duffle in my truck. But I need my other stuff as well. If you guys don't mind can you get them please. My bedding, bed, dresser, TV, basically everything in my room." I reply. 

They nod as the bell rings. We head to class and I again sit in the back until school is out. I go to my locker and get what I need for tonight. 

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