Chapter 1

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"Beth wake up" I heard Lucy, my sister say shaking me

"Okay I'm up" I said siting up in bed

"Alright." She replied and walked out my room

I got out of bed and went to my closet. I grabbed my black jeans and a white top. I went to the bathroom and had a shower.

My name is Bethany Damien Chance. I am the daughter of the strongest and deadliest alpha in the world. Well I'm not his real daughter. I'm his adopted daughter. I have an adopted brother, Ashton and he is 17 years old. I have another brother called Daniel and he is 16. Then Lucy my sister is 12 years old. And we have another brother called Blake and he is 10. We have a big family.

Oh yeh I'm a white wolf and I am air element. I can control the air, wind the weather and stuff like that.

I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen where everyone was sat. We live in our own house and we have a pack house next door.

"Morning" I said sitting down on a chair.

"Morning Beth." Mom said as she gave me a plate of pancakes.

"Hey beth can you drop me off to school. Seeing as you're the only one who has a car" Ashton said looking at dad.

"Your a wolf...." I replied and he rolled his eyes

"If you didn't want to take me to school. You could have just said it" he said and I shook my head.

"Sky, Jake will be coming back tomorrow." Dad said to mom

"Jake's coming back. Really" I said excited and looked at dad

"Yes he is. Tomorrow." Dad said and I smiled

"Good. I can't wait for Jake to come back. We have so much to catch up on. It's been 4 years since he left" I said and dad shook his head

"Bethany he needs to concentrate. He's been to Beta school for 4 years just for this opportunity, and if he wants this then you can leave him alone right?" Dad said and I sighed and nodded

"Alright. But he is my best friend" I said and dad nodded

"I know princess but he really wants to become the Beta. Anyway Ashton you need to behave now and become more sensible if you want to become Alpha" dad said and I scoffed and Ashton glared at me.

"Yes dad I will. And you can't say anything Beth. You haven't even found your mate" Ashton said and dad slapped him on the head

"Say sorry to your sister. You do not talk like that to her. She's older" dad said and Ashton sighed

"Sorry. I'm going to school" Ashton said and ran out the room.

"Bye guys" Daniel said and ran after him.

"I'll take these two" dad said and walked out the room with Lucy and Blake.

"I don't really mind what Ashton said" I said standing up and took the plates to the kitchen with mom

"I know sweetie but he is a little right. I mean everyone went to go and look for their mates last year. Your friend layla has found her mate" mom said and I sighed

"But mom having a mate just stops you from being independent" I said and she shook her head

"You don't understand why mates are important yet beth. Anyways why don't you go see layla" mom said and I nodded

"Okay. Bye" I said and she smiled as I walked out the kitchen. Layla has already found her mate and his name is Kevin.

I walked out our house and went to the pack house. I smiled and at everyone walking past me as I made my way upstairs. I went to the second floor and to the last door. I went inside and turned around.

"Really guys. You guys are going it like hungry animals" I said as I heard shuffling

"We are animals beth" I heard Kevin say and I rolled my eyes.

"You can look now, beth" layla said and I turned around to see them both in bed.

"Well it looks like your not going to be stopping any time soon so i'll make a move. I just came to say that jake is back" I said and layla squeaked

"Omg really. I missed jake so much" she said and Kevin growled.

"Mine" he said and put his face in her neck and I rolled my eyes.

"See you later" I said and closed the door behind them.

I went back downstairs and out the door.
Our pack house is 6 floors. First it was only 4 floors but mom changed it all when she became luna. She made dad make it higher and bigger so people that are lower than omega's live with everyone as well.

That's the reason why we are the most powerful pack in the world. All of us stay together and no one betrays us.

I went to the park and sat down on a swing.

You find your mate when your 17 and now I'm 20 and I haven't found mine at all. I don't really want a mate because like I said to mom, mates don't let you be free. I have seen how dad is with mom. Over protective, always glaring at every man who talks to mom. And mom finds it sweet that dad is 'showing his love.'

But me. God I find that annoying. It's like getting rid of that mosquito that won't leave you alone.

You think to much. Mates are a good thing lexi my wolf said and I rolled my eyes

Finally sleeping beauty is awake I thought

Oh shut up she said and I mentally rolled my eyes

Beth come and help me with the shopping mom mind linked me and I nodded and started walking home.

I don't go to college because I finished my 4 years. Well 2 to be exact but it was werewolf school so we had to learn a lot and now it's all stored in my brain. I was really clever in school.

Beth are you coming. Mom mind linked me

Yes mom I said rolling my eyes.

I roll my eyes a lot...
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