Chapter Four

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Finally, dawn breaks, golden light shining in fragments into the room. As the light touched the two agents, they felt a change.

"I can move, Scully." Mulder sighs in relief, grasping Scully's hand as they stand. Words could not explain the feeling of freedom after the lock being broken.

"We need to get out of here." Scully closes her eyes and breathing deeply, just enjoying the control she now owns.

Mulder nods, stepping out of the wretched room. "There!!" He suddenly shouts, seeing something behind him.

There stood the creature, scratching it's long nails on the ground as it crawled out of the mirror. As the creature saw the two agents, it immediately began a pursuit.

Scully cursed loudly as she kicked off her heels to run faster. Their coats flapping, they ran up the spiral stairs, feeling the creature's hot, rancid breath on their necks.  It is hard to outrun the monster, they are still receiving control of their muscles. Everything aches, limbs feeling stretched and lungs about to give out.

Mulder finds the attic, waiting for Scully before slamming the door loudly. The monster claws at the door, kicking and scratching. The decrepit to door will give way any second. Leaning against the wall of the large attic, Mulder and Scully pull out their handguns, switching off the safety and pointing it at the door. Seconds later, the old hinges of the door pop off, and the creature leaps after them on all fours.

They both shoot at the monster, only it stays unaffected. It is nearly on top of them, dripping liquid from its face. Milder lands a bullet near the creature's eye, disabling it for a second.

"It's the eyes!" Mulder shouts at the top of his lungs, sticking in more bullets into the magazine. With fear and worry, his fingers are slipping, as if they can not quite understand the task.

Luckily, Scully still had a few more bullets, which she shoots into the monster's eyes with perfect precision.  Slowly, the creature falls to the ground, writhing uncontrollably before finally laying still.

"We actually did it." Mulder breathes in unbelief, staring at the giant monster laying on the ground. Adrenaline was coursing through their blood, and their heart was racing incredibly fast.

Nerves affecting them both, the two embrace, if just to stop their bodies from trembling.

The story is done, and our agents survived.  All's well in the world. 
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