Escape From Antoria Part 2

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Okay so heres Part 2 or Chapter 1. Comment or vote to let me know what you think and thanks for reading xx

______________________________________________________ Chapter 1

I awoke to the sounds of wind rustling through the trees and the not so distant sound of running water. Twigs and stones on the forest floor were digging into my back so I slowly sat up whilst rubbing my eyes trying to get rid of the grogginess that seemed to cloud my mind. As the events from the musty room leaked into my thoughts, I unconsciously rubbed my neck where I had felt the pinprick. Glancing down at myself I started checking for manacles or injuries. I discovered that I had neither but also that I was no longer dressed in my torn clothing; I was now clad in the typical clothing of the people of Antoria.

My torn blue tank top had been replaced by a brown leather long sleeved top that covered a white tunic. My Levi's and Converse had been replaced by moss green leggings (kind of like the stuff people wear for horse riding) and black riding boots. To top it all off I had a green hooded cloak that reached my ankle. I bet I looked like an extra out of Robin Hood I thought with a snort, all I needed was a bow and arrow and I'd fit right in.

I stood up brushing off the debris clinging to my clothes. I glanced around slowly taking in my surroundings before looking up at the sky and to the low hanging sun. My guess was that it was nearing nightfall and I was in the middle of a forest with no shelter and no food. Also, my throat was considerably dry, probably an after effect of them drugging me. This seemed to take over any of my other desires so I decided to head towards the running water. Easier said than done. Looking into the tree line there was no forest path that led to the water instead my way was blocked by thick underbrush which, as I struggled towards the sound of water snagged the end of my cloak.

After 10 minutes of struggling, the trees began to thin and the sound of water had grown to a loud rush. Finally! Excitedly I stepped forward without looking where I was stepping. As I lifted my foot, it got caught on the root of one the trees. Immediately I began to fall face first into the forest floor, branches and thorns scratching and tearing into my face on the way down. Instinctively I thrust out my hands to break my fall but at last second before I hit the ground I stopped. For all but a moment, I hovered not even an inch above the dirt before gently dropping to the ground with a light thud.

"Ouch" I muttered. My heart was pounding from the sudden adrenaline rush but my thoughts were just confused. I must have got caught on the branch. Slowly I staggered to my feet with a huff. I began muttering obscenities under my breath mixed with the occasional 'stupid tree'. I slowly rotated my ankle that had caught on the root making sure there was no damage but luckily I'd escaped without a scratch. The same couldn't be said for my face. I could feel the dozens on tiny cuts that had began to sting as the sweat from my exertion dripped into the open wounds. "Oww" I moaned starting towards the rushing water once more.

Not even a minute later I came out at the riverbank. It was a fast moving river that was surrounded by muddy banks on each side. Directly across from me on the opposite side of the river there was nothing but more trees. I was about to rush to the water when I caught a glimpse of a doe feeding in a grassy patch on the other bank which caused me to freeze in awe. I stared for several minutes until the doe moved on. As I tried to swallow, I remembered why I had come to the water in the first place. The spell broken I rushed to the water's edge dipping both my hands into the icy water; cupping my hands together to capture the water then raising it to my lips to sooth the desert in my throat. ...ahh heaven. ..I repeated this several times until my throat no longer felt dry and scratchy. I then splashed my face to clean the sweat, dirt and blood off which just caused the cuts on my face to burn even more.

Suddenly I tensed. I had the distinct feeling I was being watched.

Cautiously I stood up. I stared into the tree line but the only thing I could see was trees I'd stumbled through earlier. Just as I was about to relax, a twig snapped from somewhere beyond my vision. Seconds later the underbrush began to rustle. Frightened, I stepped backwards towards the river's edge. Finally the bushes parted and a man gracefully stepped out of the shadows of the trees. I let out a gasp and again stepped backwards. My mistake. My foot slipped on the muddy bank and as if in slow motion I felt myself falling backwards until the the icy water captured my body.

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