you and Your Three Bestfriends Keaton,Wesley,and Drew all lived together since you guys were teenagers.

"I'm Going Shopping guys i'll be back soon" you say as you walking to the door.

"Bye (Y/N)" they all say.

You hop in your car and head to the mall.

1 Hour Later

You were atill at the mall but in the Café they had.

You decide to call the boys
to tell them you were coming home.


Then you hear Moaning in the background and someone saying your name.

"(Y/N) Ughh Fuck yess (Y/N)"

it sounds like Drew and the other boys are moaning your name.

you hang up in shock gasping very loud causing Looks from the people Around you.

You decide to head home surprised to see what the boys were up to.

You've always had a crush on them all but kept that to yourself so you wouldn't ruin your guys friendship.

You get home and hear Keaton Moan really loud.

"Ughh Fuck (Y/N)"

You go to their
room and open their door a crack.

You see them all infront of the computer and their all rubbing their junk.

It was such an amusing sight to see that it got you wet.

You started rubbing your pussy through your pants

getting wetter by the second.

"ugh" you try to moan silently but fail causing the boys to look up.

Yku smurk and walk in.

"Umm Um... (Y/N) we can explain" Wesley says frantically.

"Shhh" you say as you crawl on the bed.

"You want me so now you guys can have me" you say as you grab Drew's Dick and start licking the tip.

"Ughh Fuck Fuck (Y/N)" he moans as you increase faster.

"hmm... You guys can do anything to me , Do what you please" you say as you start taking off your pants to only be left in bra and underwears.

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