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Really? Just Really?

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It was just an average day at the akatsuki base. Hidan swearing up a storm about something random, Tobi running away from Deidara avoiding being killed, and everyone else either on missions or quietly dealing out their daily routines. I however was just coming back from a mission. I walked through the lair entrance and took a quick glance around.

"Home sweet home I suppose." I thought sarcastically.

I walked through the many corridors of the lair and disappeared straight to my room to be surprised to find another bed in there across from mine. I raised my eyebrow questionably and then simply shrugged it off. I was far from a people person as possible. I couldn't stand the aggravation of small talk nor the sound of anyone's voice other than my own. But, even if someone was bunking a room with me, I most likely wouldn't talk to them anyway and hopefully they wouldn't dare talk to me. I was about to sit at my desk to work on my third kazekage puppet but, was soon interrupted by the loud booming voice of Pein, our leader, from the loud speaker.

"Sasori Akasuna, report to my office immediately."

"Really? Just really? When I just sit down?" I grumbled, as I arose from his desk.

I sulked down the hallway giving whatever passed me the 'I'm definitely not in a good mood right now, so piss off' glare. I stopped at Peins' door and took a deep breath before knocking and just let myself in.

"Yes, Pein-Sama?" I asked, after gently shutting the door.

"Yes, how did the mission go?" Pein asked, leaning behind his desk, his awkward rinnegan eyes seemingly glaring into space.

"It went well, I infiltrated the village hidden in the snow successfully and escaped undetected."

"Excellent," Pein Replied with a grin invisible while in his shadow form "I have another one for you."

I stopped a groan from leaving my throat and just tried to look as serious as possible; Pein chuckled darkly at this attempt to show how unhappy I was about this.

"Our newest member," he began as he threw a folder at me, "Nara Uchiha has refused our offer to join us, so it is your job to go fetch her for me...almost everything about her you'll need to know is in that folder." I cringed at the sound of her name "a girl.” I thought sourly. One thing I can't stand more than handling people is handling females. I loathe being near them for any reason at all. Even though I was human at one time and almost kissed the ground these creatures walked on, being a puppet began to cause me to…turn his back on life so to speak. Suddenly, something hit me that brought me back to reality almost instantly "Oh no, another Uchiha." I looked up at Pein and hesitantly opened up my mouth to ask a question "IT isn't related to that cocky long haired bastard Itachi is she?" I asked.

"Yes, she is. He is her older brother. He left her for dead with their other brother when they were only 7 and 8 to come join us." He replied sounding quite bored. Now Itachi Uchiha was more than what people thought he was and more. He had deep onyx and uncaring eyes, long raven black hair which he kept in bangs and a ponytail, and not to mention he was an excellent shinobi. But, that wasn't why he accepted into the akatsuki. He is mainly notorious for killing all of his family members and leaving no one but his 2 siblings alive so they would seek revenge from him. I can't stand Itachi so it was a no brainer that I most likely was not going to get along with this new girl.

"If you’re done with questions I suggest you get a move on." Pein said waving me out of his office.

I turned on my heel to towards the door then gently shut it as I marched out to embark on my new mission.

"Boy, this is going to be fun." I thought sarcastically shoving my hands into my cloak.

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