Jinxx you owe me a kiss!

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        She stood there breathlessly awaiting the arrival of her ride. Her long wavy brown hair blocking her lilac eyes. She brushed all the snow off her shoulders so she wouldn't freeze to death. Her breaths were short and quick as she realised he was an hour late. This was not planned and when things didn't go as planned she tended to get a little nervous. She hopped off the bench quickly and quitely and walked all the way home. On the inside she didn't really expect him to show up. She didn't even know why she said yes. Probably because the shock, and the blood from rushing through her veins from him even realizing she existed. She shook her head and continued down the snowy sidewalk making sure to not slip on hidden ice. Then she stopped... and slowly turned around and ran back to where she was originally. Running there all the way with her short uniform  skirt billowing in the wind. These thin white stocking's weren't enough to keep her legs warm.  Although, her coat was too warm. She didn't know why she had run all the way back here. It was like something forced her to come back. She pursed her small cupid's bow lips and decided to stay for only a quick few minutes. " Christina, i'm so sorry i'm late," the boyish voice spoke. She turned around to see none other than the one who stood her up. Jinxx oddly fit his name, everything around him would suddenly go wrong, but some how always end up right. That's probably why everyone loved him. He interested everyone with his looks, name, even his parents. He had shockingly bright green eyes that Christina would get lost in all the time. " It's fine, weren't you supposed to bring a car?" she asked trying not sound rude, but genuinely curious. He looked nervous for a quick second but then looked like he didn't care and shrugged. She just shook her head and said " Whatever, we can walk there".'I shoud've known he didn't want to come, it was probably some stupid dare from his friend's to pick the nerdiest girl in school to go on a date with'. She thought. The snow started drifting slowly creating a picturesque type of scene. The snowfalkes reminded her of her late father. The way he would always remind her to make a wish on the big fluffy ones.

                                                                       Flashback 5 Years Ago....

                   "Hey...don't laugh at your old man" my father spoke with a happy barratone voice.We were standing outside playing in the fresh winter snow catching the winter sun making it sparkle.  My dad loved this time of the year. The air got a degree warmer and the it started to snow. " Now look honey there it is make a wish." he said. I giggled thinking of how he thought I would still think like that after all these years.

                              "Dad, i'm not five anymore i'm a big girl...I don't need wishes anymore." My dad stopped in front of me and turned around with a serious look on his face.

                         " No...don't ever think you're to old for wishes for all you know it could save your life one day."he spoke. I rolled my eyes when he wasn't looking...i love you old man. While he turned back around walking I grabbed a handfull of snow and threw it at him. That's one winter i'll never forget...

                                                                End of flasback

                                                               Jinxx's P.O.V.

                 Christina was really an unusaul girl. A very beautiful unusual girl. With long flowing hair and lilac eyes. I would usually pretend i didn't know she existed, but i did. I knew of her so much that she was my first thought and last thought every single day. She  often would roam the halls carrying a ton a books. I would always have the urge to help her but never could. How much of a loser am I? I would give her anything she asked for... if she ever asked. It's not like i ever gave her a chance to ask. The one time i do try to at least make some kind of contact with her I mess up. Pretending to be such a jerk even though all I wanted was to hold and keep her away from all the jerks.  I looked over trying to start a conversation with her. My words caught in my throat. She loked sad while lost in thought. her lips drooping into a cute pout. "Hey you ok?" my words sounding foreign to even me. She looked at me with tears forming in my eyes and ran away. Did she really not want to go out with me that much?

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