Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Kate looked around the four bed detached house in awe. Mr Rogers stood in the hallway watching the women look into each of the rooms.

Lucy came running out from the end room up to Mr Rogers bouncing up and down. "Mr Rogers, can I have that bedroom?" She pointed to the room down the hall. "It is purple my favourite colour."

Lindsey came up behind her daughter pulling her to her side. "Don't bother him darling."

Mr Rogers smiled ruffling the young girls hair. "She is not trouble. Your mother will decide what bedroom for you to take."

Kate came out the first room from the left on the stairs. I was the second master bedroom that was connected to the double bedroom, which will be her sons nursery. She was grateful that the house was already furnished.

"Thank you Mr Rogers." Kate rubbed her belly her baby always seemed calmer when he was around. "I don't think we can afford this place." She started walking down the stairs to the living area. She sat down on the plus couch calming her breath. "Do you have any cheaper properties." She knew this property must be expensive as it was in the middle of town. A two minute walk away from the doctors.

Mr Rogers shook his head. "Call me Enoch. This is best suited for your needs. The school is within walking distance as well as other amenities. For new residents we offer fifty percent discount rent." He held up his hand when Kate was about to speak. "It is a sure way of getting our town bigger."

Kate gave him a tight smile. "Are you sure this isn't a way of feeling sorry for us?"

Lindsay perched her bottom on the edge of the sofa. Her right arm she slung around Kate shoulder gently giving her a squeeze.

"Thank you for the house. We didn't expect to find accommodation straight away." Lindsey smiled at Enoch.

"Will the fathers be joining us?" Enoch asked. He been waiting for the appropriate time to ask the sensitive question. Just having two female turn up like this out the blue was unheard of. Especially with children.

The women shook their head. Lindsey more so than Kate. "We are here for a fresh start away from men." Lindsey said.

"Daddy is a bad man." Lucy said quietly swinging her foot in the air from the couch. "He hurts my mommy and makes her cry."

Lindsey gasped walking to her daughters side. Pulling her into a hug. She had to blink a couple of times to stop the tears from falling. Being in an abusive relationship hurt not only her but her daughter emotionally as well.

Enoch swallowed at the display of affection. It was clear that they had no idea of the world they just entered. Whilst they were living on his pack lands they were now under his protection.

"I would suggest that you stay in this town for your safe keeping. If there is anything you need just ask me." Enoch handed them his white business card that had the pack logo on. "Everyone knows each other here so you should fit right in."

He stopped when there was a knock on the front door. He went to answer it revealing three big men carrying some furniture.

They placed a cot and some items wrapped up in the living area.

"These are some items that the pack has donated to you." Enoch opened the first box nearer to him to reveal dolls and other young girls play toys.

He handed Lucy a grey stuffed wolf. She plucked it out his hands greedily moving back to show her mother.

"What do you say?" Lindsey prompted.

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