Chapter Twenty Five::Journey Home

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The girl paused, cold eyes glazing for a brief moment as if the name meant nothing to her. She shuffled uncomfortably, eyes still trained on Raina with a growing uncertainty. It felt awful to see such a familiar face look at her with confusion, and simply raw anger. Not necessarily aimed at Raina, but in general. Arya had always been a violent child, however not like this. She'd wanted to fight, be like the boys, she'd never had such brutality to her like she did now. Raina put it down to being forced away from all of her family, and left with no other choice but to go into hiding. It must have been horrific, Raina was merely happy to see her still alive, despite all that had changed in her. "It's me...Raina," The name sounded foreign coming from Raina's mouth, even when it was, after all, her real name, yet it didn't seem to fit anymore. It didn't suit her anymore, not like it used to. She didn't think she knew Raina anymore, it had been so long, and she'd been through so much, that name didn't seem to fit. Robb had said it himself, she'd been a strong character back then, she knew who she wanted to be and everything she wanted, that wasn't her anymore. Now she was someone completely different, someone prepared to lie and hide to get what they want, even if it is something as pathetic as an old friend's company and affection. She didn't know who she was, or even what she wanted anymore, and so a name like Raina, which meant all that it did, did not suit who she had become. 

"Raina?!" Arya gasped, dropping her blade instantly, her eyes widening with shock as she glanced to the two men stood beside her. "How-" She cut herself off, still looking frantically between the three Glover's, who must've looked so much different to what she could remember. "It's a long story," Finn sighed, a disapproving gaze fixed on Raina whilst he spoke. He evidently didn't approve of Raina's actions, and by which I mean her announcing who she was to the King's younger sister, someone who would surely want to tell her brother of her having found an old friend. But, Raina didn't care. There was still the fear of him, and her father, finding out, but now it was more out of instinct than anything else, force of habit. She was tired of everything she'd been doing, it was all wasteful now, so what was the point in continuing? At least then Robb could finally know the truth, even if it hurt them both, there would no longer be a cloud of lies haunting every conversation or interaction they have. Arya, having taken a moment to stare at them all, ran into Raina's arms, a growing smile of relief imprinted on her face as she ran, so desperately, towards her. She must have missed having something, or someone, familiar around, someone from her past that hadn't died or abandoned her. Raina knew how thankful she'd been to have just seen Robb's face, she didn't need to hear him speak, or announce his identity, there was just a part of her that automatically relaxed at the thought of someone she knew being close by, even if he didn't know it. "Raina we have to keep going," Delvin pressed, a small, sympathetic, smile aimed at Arya, though his seriousness never faltered. Raina nodded a reply, her arms still linked around the girl whom had grown quite substantially since she'd last encountered her. "Come on, Arya, let's get you back to Robb," 

And so Arya joined their travelling party, sticking to Raina like tree sap, not wishing to leave her side for the tiniest amounts of time. It was like if she let go for even a second, they'd all be gone and she'd be alone again. Raina understood that feeling, she'd felt it many times, and so embraced Arya's close company throughout the entirety of their journey. Raina even began to explain the situation with Robb, mostly out of annoyance with her brother, whom would not drop the annoyed glare he held on her until she'd acted upon her mistake. Raina didn't find it necessary, but her overprotective brother, whom had gone through quite enough to lose it all on a child's mouth, did, and so she followed his orders without complaints. Arya understood, having heard Raina's story, she vowed to not mention anything to reveal her identity to her brother, but secretly Raina wanted to tell her not to bother. Not to waste her time saving her, when not even she was that bothered about it in the end. She'd all but considered telling Robb as soon as she got back to him, just outing it and getting it over with so that she could resume some sense of normality, without this waking fear looming over her, and constantly having to look over her shoulder before she simply spoke to her brother or best friend. She was sick of it, and had had enough by now. 

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