Chapter 1

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In life, there are some things that are not meant to be shared with the public. And especially not with your sisters.

Porn, for example. No man should ever have to go through the horror of his sisters finding his apparently not-so-private porn stash. However, my sisters especially, do not know nor understand the word privacy. In their eyes what's mine is theirs and what's theirs is theirs and only theirs. Where's the logic in that? What's the saying? Sharing is caring.

Oh, the life of being the youngest of five siblings, four of which are girls.

"What is the appeal of these women? How do her tits stay in that bra? That is not gravitationally possible! Guys jack off to shit like this?"

I pretend not to hear Robin, my sister, drone on about the unrealistic body proportions.

"Nice to hear you asking all the right questions," came Alexandria's voice, who didn't try to hide her amusement.

"I have so many questions." The saddest part of hearing their conversation is how serious they sound. Like talk of porn and a man's private life is of the utmost importance or is a topic that should be openly discussed by said man's sisters. "In porn, are guys not bothered that there's a penis being shown or does that help turn them on?" Silence follows her question, a silence that sends a shiver down my spine because I know exactly what's to come...

Pounding against the wall follows Robin's voice. "Noah, hey, hey Noah!"

Yes, her room is next to mine. Yes, it bugs the hell out of me. Like I said, no privacy.

She shouts my name continuously until I finally snap, "What?"

"Would you still be turned on if there was no guy in porn? Like, if the girl was getting off using her hand or a vegetable or something would that get you all hot and bothered?"

I proceed to slam my face into my desk, an action that doesn't go unnoticed since my sisters erupt with more laughter. How I wish to be an only child...

The conversation continues on, Harriet pointing out that many men enjoy lesbian porn so men must not necessarily care if another man is present during the filming so long as there is a naked woman for them to 'oogle at.' Why are they speaking so seriously about it anyways? How am I the pervert when they not only came into my room to look through my porn, but are now having a serious conversation about porn? Fucking freaks.

And why go through your brother's belongings in search of porn mags anyways! I came home from my friends house to find them rummaging through my possessions in a desperate search for anything to entertain themselves. They happened to find the porn and are now thoroughly enjoying humiliating me, as they always do.

Living in a house with six people makes it rather difficult to ever have any alone time. Mom and dad may work until late and Harriet has classes most of the time but she spends her free time at home, mostly. Robin and Riley are also college students but unlike Harriet, who is a medical student, they have less taxing majors that means they are at home more often than not. I am a senior in high school who spends a majority of my time at school and when I do arrive home someone is usually here. That means no, as Robin and Riley put it, hanky panky for me.

Robin and Riley are twins who are a year older than me. Both are pretty spontaneous and rambunctious. Friends surround them, constantly having someone to hang out with or something to do. They always have been the life of the party even when we were younger. Riley is definitely the more mature one of the two, though Robin is more than capable of taking care of herself. Both are in college now, though they remain at home. They have always teased me to no end, especially when I was younger and too shy to fight back. It was usually the two of them that decided to use me to play "dress up." I'd wind up in a dress, my hair up in a ponytail and make up on before either of our parents got home.

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