Hey, My name is Jailyn Lexi Williams. Im 22 and currently enrolled in college Georgia State, majoring in Health Science. I live in Atlanta, Georgia of course. I live alone on my own. Right now im just chillen on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Enjoying my day off and out of school for spring break. I was watching tv when my phone went off.

*Phone Convo*

"Bitch where you at?" My sister Neshia asked.
" I am home, why" I replied
"Open the door, im outside" and she hung up.
I got up and opened the door and there she was getting out of her car, walking up to me.

"Hey ugly" She greated me
"Hey boo" I replied

We went in and sat on the couch.

" So whats the plans, cause you already know we going to party all break" she said.
"I know, what we doing tomorrow? I know you got something planned like you always do" I said.
" YESSS!!" She clapped. "Me, you, Asia and Mari are going out. I know some boys that we can chill with, and I know yall gonna wanna smoke and drink"
"Hell yeah!" I responded laughing." Im down "
"Alright. Imma tell the girls the plans and we can just stay the night here at your house. You got 3 bedrooms , so we'll be all good, shit we might as well have the party over here." she said.
"Well we need to go grocery shopping, you know me and Mari be getting the munchies. And we can buy a few bottles to have just for us." I said

"Okay lets go" she said.
So we got up, I put on some shoes, grabbed my phone and keys, locked up and headed out to the store.

Hours later, after grocery shopping
Friday 10:00pm

"Yall bitches better be ready. Aint no chickening out this time." Asia said.
"Yeah whatever. We grown now. At least now this time we dont have to sneak out the house like we did when we were 16" Mari said laughing

This was just a beginning chapter to get the book started, comment, and vote, let me know how I am doing so far 😊 Theres more coming soon

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