Chapter II- Struggling

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With that, the woman left, leaving Obi-Wan with a dreadful feeling in the back of his mind, subconsciously not wanting to think about the 'they' part. The two standing Jedi didn't have much time to ponder too much over the woman's words, because another painful moan sounded from the metal cot bolted to the wall.

Anakin clutched his fists tightly, in an effort to let the all-consuming feeling of the living Force disintegrate away, though it never did. The feeling of the Force still flowed through everything. He could even feel the strong sensation of the Force run deeply within himself. Never had he been exposed to this much power, that hurt so much.

Obi-Wan and Ahsoka return to Anakin's side, kneeling down to be level with his laying down form. Anakin moaned again, in an effort to subside the pain, that was rummaging through his insides.

"Anakin," Obi-Wan soothed softly. He wasn't sure of what was going on through his former apprentice's mind right now, or if he was even able to think, so he used a calm voice to reassure Anakin—or maybe even himself. Obi-Wan placed a hand on Anakin's head, and this time he didn't arch away from it. Instead, Anakin succumbed to it, melting into the coolness that refreshed him.

The Force was heavily surrounding the being that touched him, Anakin realised, but instead the energy hurting him, welcomed itself into Anakin's body. Anakin hummed lightly, at the nice sensation that freed him slightly from discomfort.

Obi-Wan tried not to grimace, when he felt that Anakin's fever had not subsided, however Obi-Wan's cool touch seemed to relief Anakin from some of the affliction he was suffering through.

"Master," Ahsoka tried, in a calm voice like Obi-Wan had spoken in.

"Anakin, can you hear us?" Obi-Wan said again.

Hearing the soft voices of two people he recognised, Anakin slitted his eyes open. Reassurance brushed through Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, making them both lose focus on the situation at hand. For a moment, they each sighed a sigh of relief, before a small whimper broke out, causing them to look upon Anakin in concern.

"M- Master," Anakin tried to say but was cut off, by the blinding pain in his head and throat. Anakin's voice was quiet and hardly audible, but of course it caught both Jedi's attention. From the way Anakin spoke, Obi-Wan could see that forming just a simple word caused him agony.

"It's alright, Anakin," Obi-Wan brushed Anakin's damp hair back. Even the mere action didn't agree with Anakin's body, making him feel just as nauseous as before, though the cool hand relaxed him and he had no strength to fight it off. "We are right here with you." That would always be true. "It will be okay." Obi-Wan was talking more towards himself than Anakin now, wether he believed it or not.

Anakin let out a shaking sigh—too weak or hurt to reply with words. He projected a mere feeling through his bond with Obi-Wan using the Force, but oddly, he was met with sickly silence. He wasn't sure what that meant, and the fact the he could see Obi-Wan and feel Obi-Wan, but nothing but silence greeted him was dreading.

His emotions made the Force swirl violently again, the two other Jedi oblivious.

Without warning Anakin's eye shot wide open, leaving Obi-Wan a little startled and taking away his hand. Anakin's pure, blue irises were a thin ring around his dilated and unresponsive black pupils. More frightening was that the whites of his eyes were extremely bloodshot. Obi-Wan couldn't help but notice that the blank spot on the stone ceiling he was staring at, had small growing cracks in it. When Anakin moved his eye's to a spot on the stone wall, the same cracks appeared.

Even though they were quite small, both Ahsoka and Obi-Wan acknowledged it by giving each other a worried look.

Could it be possible that Anakin was still able to possess the power of the Force? Obi-Wan asked himself, but quickly dismissed the idea. Clearly Anakin would not have reacted this way from the drug, if he did.

"This place is falling apart." Ahsoka frowned. No doubt that she was thinking the same thing as Obi-Wan, but also abandoned the thought.

Obi-Wan nodded in response. The attention was back on Anakin when he weakly coughed, head pounding with each wheeze. Anakin tried to fight the attack made by his lungs, which Obi-Wan distinctly noticed. The older Jedi wasn't positive if he should try and sit Anakin up, to get him to drink water, but eventually decided against it, not to disturb Anakin's position that could possibly result in further torment if moved.

Instead, he collected one of the three mugs of water and lowered a mug gently to Anakin's lips. "No, please, no." Anakin resisted, whimpering. The fact that he was not putting on a brave front, meant that the pain was still overpowering his body. Or, that he feared more pain would endure. It made the Master and Padawan shudder with unease.

"It's okay," He whispered gently. "Anakin, you must drink something." Obi-Wan said. He thought the cold drink would help lower Anakin's fever, as well. It was no healing herbal tea, liquid medicine, or anything related, but there was just the slight chance it would help.

At first Anakin resisted, but trusted his old Master's words. Obi-Wan tilted the mug to Anakin's lips and he cautiously sipped it down. The water refreshed Anakin's raw throat, and he didn't even realise how thirsty he was until he drank it down. In that moment, he felt okay THIS his Master and Padawan close to him, and sleep felt like a good idea, so he drifted into unconsciousness. It only proved to show Obi-Wan that the minor accomplishment of drinking water, already exhausted him.

Obi-Wan set the mug down back onto the tray. He picked up the other two mugs and turned to Ahsoka. He didn't need the Force to sense that Ahsoka was deep with concern for her master. She was watching over him carefully.

"Here," Obi-Wan smiled weakly and handed a mug to Ahsoka. "You should drink as well." She gave him a weak smile as well in return and drank it willingly. Neither of them had the appetite to eat the soup, so instead they fell asleep on the ground, knowing Anakin was at least free from pain in his dreams.


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