Chapter 26: Payback

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 "Hey Autumn," Scarlet greeted me as she looked at Jett, "I told you that I had people to bail me out, I didn't need your snitch money."

"Aren't you going to beat my ass?" Jett asked as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"Yes, but I just got back, beating your ass will get me in more trouble."

Scarlet and pulled me and we started down the hallway, leaving Jett by herself.

"So, how was jail?" She glanced at me, "It was terrible, females trying to fight everywhere just like over here and the food was awful," she explained.

I shook my head and we turned the corner as she said, "Jett had no idea what idea how much she betrayed me, I thought she wouldn't say anything, I thought you would, but she was the fakest in the whole bunch."

I nodded, agreeing with her one hundred percent.

People kept on staring at us and Jenna said, "Wow, you guys are friends again? That's so awesome, nice to have you back Scarlet." She nodded and smiled.

Callie and Ali had scowls on their faces and I answered, "What, you've never seen two people walk down the hallway before??"

"I've never seen a prisoner walk with a crazy tattoed bitch before," Ali replied.

"Oh and I've never seen two sluts be friends after they've both been with the same guy and you got pregnant by him," I said.

 Callie scowled and Ali glanced at her. "What, you didn't hear about that?" Scarlet asked.

Ali shook her head and yelled, "Are you serious, that was true, you stupid piece of crap?!"

"Oh, don't worry, Andrea's ex, Tommas, is funding her needs," Scarlet added. Tommas was Andrea's boyfriend, the guy Ali slept with.

"You're disgusting," Ali said to Callie as she walked away.

"Looks like that came back to bite you in the behind, didn't it?" I asked sarcatically as we breezed past her, going up the stairs. Scarlet and I laughed, bringing most of everyone's attention towards us.

"Oh my goodness, Scarlet, you're back!" Alana shrieked as she gave her a huge hug, "How long have you been gone?"

"Four weeks," she answered. 

"It's great to have you back!" Alana said she made her way to class.

We sat down on a bench and she said, "Jett will go through hell because I've gone through it  in jail, like those females are crazy."

"I can tell, I heard them screaming when I came to visit you."

She shrugged, "That's how they are."

"Have your parents seen you in jail?"

"Yeah, my mom was crying and my dad was pissed, but they pulled some strings and I was out, the person I pushed off claimed it was too dark to see who did it, so he said he was certain, that the 'friend' committed the crime, so they dropped the charges," she explained as she picked at her nails.

"So, they freed my dawg!" we laughed.

"Jett's been telling people that she was the one who told you not to push them, but you did anyway and she kept the secret for you," I said.

She laughed and replied, "She wasn't there, but she's claiming that she was?? Well, we can work with that, I'll use that to tear her down."

"Yeah, since she claims she was there and she told everybody that she was, she'll be an accessory to the crime since she kept the secret. The guy you pushed off won't know if she was there or not because he said it was dark, so we can tell the police and she'll be an accessory to the crime and she'll go to jail," I planned. 

A smile crept up on her face, "That's an awesome idea, but we'll have to wait to tell the police because I want to beat her ass."

I shrugged and said, "After school?"

She nodded, "Then, we'll tell the police."

 Two hours later, at lunch, we sat together and talked about our plan. Jett sat down at the table with narrowed eyes, "So, are you going to fight me or what?"

"You'll see," Scarlet said.

Jett got up and walked away, three other girls behind her followed after her.

"She recruited a new crew."

"She won't last without one," I said.

After school, Scarlet waited for ten minutes and Jett finally came out of the building. With her earrings off and her hair in a bun, Scarlet was ready, Jett knew what was going on when she saw her, so she handed her earrings and backpack to the girl beside her and put her hair up.

A crowd started to form and they moved towards each other slowly. Scarlet put her fists up and Jett swung first, landing a hit square in her face.

Scarlet connected two fast punches to Jett's face, causing her to lose her balance a bit. Scarlet grabbed Jett's bun and swung her on the floor and started landing punches like it was nothing.

 Jett pulled Scarlet's arm and dragged her down with her. They were both on the floor and the crowd was cheering.

She got up, but Jett was still on the floor, Scarlet was still punching her as she dragged her across the ground by her leg. Landing one last punch, Scarlet let go of her and walked away. Jett's hair was messed up, she shrugged, knowing that she lost.

A week after that, Jett still walked the halls, thinking she was on top of the world. We sent glares towards each other and slick comments. Scarlet was spreading around that rumor right now and everyone was talking about it.

Five police officers came and asked for Jett Morris,a teacher pointed her out and they clicked the handcuffs on her wrists with a surprised look on her face. "Jett Morris, you are under arrest for being an accessory to the attempted murder of Darwin Ellis."

"What?? I wasn't even there!" she protested.

"Yes she was there, she told us!" a couple of people spoke up.

Everyone watched and Jett looked at Scarlet's face, knowing that she told them. They hauled her out of the building, and into the police car, but they didn't drive off.

 Six people have been arrested and one person expelled, even though there was three more weeks left of the school year, I knew that list could go up, with Scarlet back, she could pull anything. I had a feeling that she would turn against me and she would.

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