Painful Truths Part 39

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved.


Jenny POV...

The instant pain I felt as I made to move my head was agonising. The thumping in my head was just as bad for some reason. So I kept myself very still and took notice of what hurt and what didn't. A moment later, I realised that there wasn't any place that didn't hurt.

I wondered why? What had happened? I was asking myself trying to remember what I was doing or where I was.

What was I doing last? I asked myself trying to think. But the more I thought, the more my head hurt, so I stopped thinking, stopped trying to remember.

Hearing a noise from beside me reminded me of something, but I can't quite remember what it was. I was so tired I couldn't face thinking anymore as I drifted back into the darkness of sleep where I didn't feel any more pain.

The next time I woke up, I could here the sound of a machine or two beeping away in a regular rhythm ..beep.. beep.. beep . It just beeped the same, not stopping. So I listened then for something else, anything else that would help me remember where I was and what happened.

All I could hear was those beeps for a few minutes before hearing what I think are footsteps from outside somewhere before I hear what sounds like a door opening, then the footsteps getting louder. I think they are coming closer to me.

Then I felt someone hold my hand. Actually, someone was holding my wrist. They held it for a few moments before carefully putting it back down.  Then I felt some of the covers lifting from me and I felt some fingers run over my legs and stomach before feeling about my chest. Then the fingers were removed. A moment later, I found out why?

Groaning in pain when I felt someone lift one of my eyelids and shine a bright light into my eye, not only startled me, but caused me to move slightly trying to get away from that sharp piercing light that brought pain to me that shot through my head.

"Shit." Said this deep voice before I felt him lean over me for something. Then I heard a buzzer going off.

"It's okay, Jenelle." That voice said as I heard more feet running towards us. I know they were because I could hear them getting louder as they got closer.

"You're in the hospital." His voice added which made me frown, sort of. "I'm Dr Davidson. I've been looking after you since you were brought in a week ago." He was telling me as I heard the door open and a few feet came in. Then I heard him talk again, but not to me.

"She's awake." He was relating to whoever was here in the room with us. "She's woken herself from the medically induced coma. That's a surprise."

"She'll be then feeling pain she won't understand, so we'll work through what she feels and what she doesn't, People." He was then directing as I felt people moving me slightly as things, whatever they were, being moved away from me.

"Jenelle, I'm going to remove the intubation tube from your throat and we want you to take a deep breath after that or we'll have to replace it." This doctor was telling me.

"Squeeze my hand if you understand me, Jenelle?" He demanded of me as he leaned over me talking to me. My eyes were still closed with what felt like bricks tied to the lids. I couldn't lift them even if I wanted to.

I clasped his hand very lightly, but it was obviously enough to let him know that I heard him.

A moment later I could feel them pulling tape away from my skin around my mouth, while someone was holding the tube still as he did this. Pulling that tape off hurt too. I didn't like bandaids, and I especially didn't like the tape they had used on me getting pulled off.

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