Chapter I- Unknown Pain

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The intense agony burned into Anakin's veins and traveled through his bloodstream, where it met his brain, muscles and heart, from the injected drug. He lay on the one, single cot, inside the small prison cell, unable to focus on anything but how the liquid felt when it burned through his system. He felt himself unwilling cry out, hoarse and sharp from the torment, that was tearing apart his insides. Every single nerve in his being flared up, telling his body to get rid of the poison, that ran through his blood.

The drug was meant to extinguish his Force abilities, but he could feel the Force like no other. It was stronger than anything he could sense before, moving through everything he touched and everything that touched him. The flowing Force surrounded every stationary object, as well as the figure beside him that seemed to be causing Anakin more pain, just by barely touching him. It moved through everything in the room; Living or not.

The raw power of the connection, was too overpowering to handle. The Force was too overwhelming on Anakin's assaulted form. Even though the pain only intensified, the sharp inhuman screams turned into whimpers, silently begging for the dreadful aching to stop. Waves of nausea attacked his abdomen, while stinging pain shot up and down his body from head to toe. It was so bad, he couldn't even open his eyes.

He thought that he wasn't weak, that he could handle anything the galaxy throws at him. He thought his façade of bravado and unaffectedness would deceive even himself this one last time like it had throughout the entirety of the war, but this time his 'faking fine act' was deteriorated, consumed completely by agony.


Ahsoka was on the verge of tears, having just witnessed her master crying out in so much distress. Without being able to know what was happening to Anakin, frightened her definitely more likely than she would admit. She couldn't sense her master. She couldn't feel his pain. She wanted to take it away and release it into the Force through there bond, but she couldn't. The Force was no longer with her. It was subsided with the same drug they used on Anakin, though he had a much worse reaction.

It had only been a few minutes since Ahsoka herself was injected, and instantly after that Anakin was injected too, but it felt like a life time ago. Every time she tried to place a comforting hand against his head or shoulder, he ached away from it and only murmured incoherently louder, teeth clenched, cheeks feverishly red and stained tear-streaked. Tears threatened to pour over, as she saw her master being more hurt by her touch. It seemed after and eternity, his weak cries diminished, causing sharp and much too heavily uneven breaths to escape his mouth at an alarmingly fast rate.

When Obi-Wan was shoved back into the cell after his injection of the drug, Ahsoka feared that the same reaction would happen to him. Relief filled her features when she realised Obi-Wan came back looking-okay, apart from the empty feeling that dawned on his face, that Ahsoka felt as well.

She couldn't contain anything anymore, so she came up to Obi-Wan and gently suppressed muffled sobs on his shoulder. Obi-Wan was not shocked by Ahsoka's reaction. He comforted her like family would, despite his knowledge the Jedi way. He knew what it was like to have something by your side always, and then suddenly have it be pulled away from you violently. Obi-Wan has had the awful drug a long time ago as a padawan, but this was Ahsoka's first experience without the Force... Maybe even Anakin's as well.

Speaking of Anakin, a sharp cry brought Ahsoka out of Obi-Wan's arms, and then he realised that Ahsoka wasn't crying over losing the Force. She was crying about Anakin.

When Obi-Wan saw his former padawan in such a state, he felt like gasping (not matter how un-Jedi-like it was to feel anxiety... and something more than just simple worry, but fear). The younger Jedi was withering on the only cot in the small cell. He was deathly pale, eyes sunken in, sweat filled hair and damp cheeks from wet tears.

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