The Mark of Love & War.

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If I were to compare the world to something... I'd have to say fruit. Odd? Allow me to elaborate:

Some parts are sweet, some sour, some even addictive. If you drop it, it bruises making that section of it unappealing and ugly.

And after a while it starts to grow mold, it starts to break, it starts to shrivel. 

The world is no different.

The world has grown mold.  And it's impossible to stop.

Yes, it is my fault. Yes, I had tried to control it. But as I've said it is impossible to stop mold. And these fallen angels and Demon's are mold on drugs. 

Two and a half years ago, our existence was a secret to the world. Nobody knew immortals walked the earth, nobody knew of the Angelic World. But now there are worldwide news reports on Demons causing trouble, a weekly Fallen Angel count, quarantine for immortals, and police constantly walking the streets.

In every country it's the same. Some places less than others, some even more. But it's rare to find an undisturbed area now days.

I stared out the hotel window at the setting orange sun. Only few humans were brave enough to walk the streets at night. Right now they were rushing around to get to their awaiting families to lock the doors or re-barricade their windows. I glanced up at the sky and watched as Angels flew to attend their night watch.


I turned toward Bonnie as she stood up from the hotel chair. She finger combed her darkening blond hair and rested it on her shoulders.

I turned back to the window and finally watched the sun disappear. "So what?"

Bonnie sighed. "Lonny, we're in New York. We've been jumping between states and countries for months. You know what I mean when I say 'so'."

I stared down at my feet before saying, "Fine. We do nothing."

"I was afraid you'd say that... again." Bonnie grabbed the key card from the side table and shoved it in the back of her torn jeans pocket. "I'll be helping out William. He's got Queens tonight. I'll be back around dawn."

"Be careful, Bon."

She rolled her bright blue eyes. "I'm not a child. You're like the older sister I never had." She continued mumbling as she left the room.

I let out a sigh as I turned back to the window.
I could see the Demons now coming out of dark alleys ready to cause some sort of mischief. 

I sent out a strong wave of energy their way and watched their heads snap up to the sixth floor up to my window. I could feel their fear. They were like hyenas. They came out only after the big cats went away because they're too pussy to go against them. 

All four of them backed up back into the alley and sent me a glare. Everyone knew who I was. All Fallen Angels feared me along with the Demon's. Hell, even Angel's feared me. They didn't know whether I could suddenly switch sides and go against them. But they didn't understand what I went through two and a half years ago. All they knew was that I almost put the world into eternal damnation. 

I might as well have. It looks like it as it is. This crazy fucked up world I'm reluctant to call home.

I turned from the window after watching the Demon's whimper back into the alley and turned the TV on. Television was sort of pointless now apart from the News. Nobody had time to watch it. They still showed the occasional new TV show or a rerun of an old movie. 

The News came on and my used to be home state, North Carolina was mentioned. There were only a small amount of events happening there thank God. I sat on the edge of one of the beds.

My parents? They found out what I was. Well, more like I'd shown them. It was getting to the point where they had to know I was protecting them from these Demons. That part of it was my fault. 

Had they accepted it? No.

At first my mother had collapsed into a heap while my father could barely look at me after I spread out my wings. They thought I was a Fallen Angel because of the colour of my wings and hair. It made sense and I had to accept their judgment although I explained to them who and what I was. My older brother, Anthony, isn't one to forgive easily and he was angrier about the fact that I hadn't told him, "How cool I was."

That was a year ago. At least now they pick up my calls so I could make sure they were alive. They listened to me when I warned them not to go out or when to go out. Sometimes they called me. But that's very, very rare.

If I were to walk the streets, humans wouldn't even come close to me. My hair and eye colour stop them from doing so. Having the black hair and the grey eyes of a demon does that. 

There was a light knock on the door and I let out a small sigh.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

My head snapped to the door. "You were supposed to stay in North Carolina with my parents." 

"I wanted to find you and Bonnie. Now let me in, I had to go through three angels' to find you."

I stood up from the bed and strolled to the door. "It isn't safe for you."

"I'm safe when I'm with you."

I swung it open and was welcomed to the sight of a tired and tall Jayden. The five o'clock shadow on his face made him look older than he really was. He'd cut his ashy blond hair in the past few days letting a small inch rest on his forehead. His green eyes sharp and vigilant as he glanced around the empty halls. Ever since the world went to hell, Jay has been on constant guard protecting who he can in whatever way he could. He'd definitely bulked up and he'd grown taller and more wary of things.

He engulfed me in a bear hug and let out a small sigh. "How're things, Lonny?"

Nobody really called me by my human name anymore. Not even Jay. Maybe occasionally he would say Alex or Alexis but otherwise it was Lonny or Lon.

"Everything is fine, Jayden." I buried my head in his chest and sighed. He was the only thing left in my world that was human. The only thing left that was still real. "I'm not happy you're here, however."

He lightly pressed his lips to my forehead and stepped inside the room. "Lon, it's been two months. I have to be here. You and Bonnie are my two favourite angels. Now where is she?" His eyes searched the room for the woman he loved but came up empty. He and Bonnie have kept their relationship going even though she has been with me right through. 

Unlike Maryanne.

"She's in Queens tonight." I mumbled before sitting on the edge of the bed and turning the TV off. "She won't be back until dawn."

"Then I'm not leaving until after dawn." He sat in the chair near the window. 

A moment of silence covered us but he suddenly said, "It was Megan and Jamie's birthday yesterday."

I knew it was. But I didn't call or make any acknowledgement toward them. I didn't have time. "I know."

"Did you have nothing to say to them for their twentieth birthday?"

"Of course I did. But I've been busy. When you go back, which will be soon, send them my love and wish them a happy birthday."

He stood up and settled next to me. "You're twenty-one this year, Alex." I could tell this was serious. He used my human name. "It's been two and a half years since he went,"

The mention of him was enough to make my chest constrict in pain and loss. I couldn't let myself think about him too much. Not right now. 

"Jayden..." I warned.

"Bonnie says you still haven't gotten permission to go up there yet. You can't just wander the world until you do. You need to take the initiative--"

"Jay, please."

He stared down at me with sorrow filled eyes. That pitying look I'd begun to hate. "I know you're still hurting about Gabriel."

I ran a hand through my hair and ignored my already broken heart. "Of course I am."

"You'll find him."

"I know."

"But when?" He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and squeezed. 

My eyes shut on their own accord and I took a few deep steadying breaths as a familiar face filled my vision. I used to think about Gabriel everyday to keep him alive in my thoughts and memories. Now, if I thought about him, it hurt more than ever. It pained me to see his face whenever I shut my eyes. It pained me to remember his touch... To remember our last night together.

"As soon as I can." I mumbled.

He let out a large sigh and tightened his arm around me.

"Now let me sleep. I'm tired."

"Highly doubt that." He scoffed thankfully changing the subject. 

I stood up and moved into the bathroom locking the door behind me. I haven't cried in a while and I promised myself I wouldn't. I'd cut off that emotion after I realised I'd had enough of crying. Having the ability to cut off such a thing is a godsend.

I missed Gabriel, the man I will always and forever love. I missed him with my entire heart and soul. But now that he's gone... its just... I probably sound like I can't live without him but after my Decision I started to remember almost everything that had happened between us in the past. That's what's making not having him here with me harder. I wanted to share so much with him.

Six months after he was taken, at graduation I truly believed I had a chance at getting into the Angelic World to reason with the Elders and speed up Gabriel's tribunal. But after my nineteenth birthday that same year my hope began to diminish. And by my twentieth birthday last year, hope had gone. Every birthday, I'm reminded that Gabriel's birthday is the day before. That every year we always spent our birthdays together. My birthdays weren't the same. I didn't even notice I'd turned twenty last year. I just happened to notice that it was a few days after my birth date.

After splashing my face with water, I moved back into the room and turned the light off before sitting at the edge of the bed. Jay was relaxing on Bonnie's bed with his hands supporting his head up and his foot twitching from left to right.

Time flies by too fast. 
Jay did not resemble that cute boy back in the twelfth grade anymore. Now, he was a handsome man; a man that looked ready to defend what he wanted.

I glanced at him one last time before standing and walking back to the window to open it. 
I let the sounds of this world disappear and tried for the one thousandth time to connect with Gabriel. Every time I got the same sounds. Nothing. It was like static; like it was impossible to tune into the right radio station. I wanted to hear his voice; I wanted to see his face. I wanted to know if he'd changed as much as Jay had. 

I wanted to feel his arms around me. I wanted hear him worrying about me every two seconds like he used to. I missed him dearly, and I knew no one could replace him. No one.

Sometimes I swore I could feel him. Like at the back of my mind there was a small spark... But usually it disappeared after a few moments. 

The silence was horribly deafening. 
And I hated it.

I opened my eyes and was welcomed to the sound of raucous laughter and bottle clinks. I looked down at a group of male humans and Fallen Angels drinking and laughing. Wannabes.

Despite telling Jay I was tired, I'd moved the chair and watched the events of the night unfold. I watched as the sun slowly came up and the Fallen and Demons moved back to their place of rest. This was usually the time Watcher's and Guards came to search for them. It was the best time.

I heard the door open behind me and squeezed my eyes shut at the amount of emotion suddenly surrounding the room. Bonnie's feelings around Jay were hard to ignore. The feeling of love and want. Something I hadn't experienced first hand in a while.

I kept staring out the window as I heard the sounds of her slipping into bed beside him. It was too hard to even glance at them at times. They rarely showed affection around me.
I wonder why.


"What?" I didn't attempt to turn around.

"Anything?" She asked.

I let out a sigh. Bonnie knew I tried to get through to Gabriel every minute I could. But every time it was the same. Nothing but static. Nothing but the empty, hollow sound of my broken heartbeat.

"No." I replied as I stared at the multi-coloured sky. "Not yet."


GUESS WHAT GUYS?! I was on my first day of college in my art class right? And there was this really nice guy, and guess what his name was... GABRIEL. I KNOW. He's adorable. Kinda hot. So weird right?! HAHA!!
I was literally thinking, "Is he real?"

Thank you, DevineFantasyGirl86 for helping with the name of the story.

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