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-     The Mark of Love & War    -


If I were to compare the world to something... I'd have to say fruit. Odd? Allow me to elaborate:

Some parts are sweet, some sour, some even addictive. If you drop it, it bruises making that section of it unappealing and ugly.

And after a while it starts to grow mold, it starts to break, it starts to shrivel. 

The world is no different.

The world has grown mold. 
And it's impossible to stop.

Yes, it is my fault. 
Yes, I had tried to control it. But as I've said it is impossible to stop mold. And these Fallen Angels and Demon's are mold on drugs. 

Two and a half years ago, our existence was a secret to the world. Nobody knew immortals walked the earth, nobody knew of the Angelic World. But now there are worldwide news reports on Demons causing trouble, a weekly Fallen Angel count, quarantine for immortals, and police constantly walking the streets.

In every country it’s the same. Some places less than others, some even more. But it’s rare to find an undisturbed area now days.

I stared out the hotel window at the setting orange sun. Only few humans were brave enough to walk the streets at night. Right now they were rushing around to get to their awaiting families to lock the doors or re-barricade their windows. I glanced up at the sky and watched as Angels flew to attend their night watch.


I turned toward Bonnie as she stood up from the hotel chair. She finger combed her darkening blond hair and rested it on her shoulders.

I turned back to the window and finally watched the sun disappear. “So what?”

Bonnie sighed. “Lonny, we’re in New York. We’ve been jumping between states and countries for months. You know what I mean when I say ‘so’.”

I stared down at my feet before saying, “Fine. We do nothing.”

“I was afraid you’d say that… again.” Bonnie grabbed the key card from the side table and shoved it in the back of her torn jeans pocket. “I’ll be helping out William. He’s got Queens tonight. I’ll be back around dawn.”

“Be careful, Bon.”

She rolled her bright blue eyes. “I’m not a child. You’re like the older sister I never had.” She continued mumbling as she left the room.

I let out a sigh as I turned back to the window.
I could see the Demons now coming out of dark alleys ready to cause some sort of mischief. 

I sent out a strong wave of energy their way and watched their heads snap up to the sixth floor up to my window. I could feel their fear. They were like hyenas. They came out only after the big cats went away because they're too pussy to go against them.