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"We're leaving in an hour Mal, it's Simon's bid day. He's got a gig."

"It's not that big of a deal, Clary," Simon yells as he walks after her, and out of my room.

I sigh, poor love-sick puppy.

I shake my head as I head back to my closet and rummage through different outfits


'This will have to do,' I think to myself as I pull the dress closer to my body.


I look at myself in the mirror to make sure everything is in place. I make a kissy face at my reflection, perfect.

As I grab my phone and start heading towards the door my eyes fall onto my jewelry box with my initials carved on it, M.F.

I hum to myself; I might as well grab my stele just in case. I open the box and pull open a secret compartment in it. Since I didn't want to grab a purse I discreetly place it in-between my two mountains.

I check myself once more and nod in approval.

"Clary, Simon I'm ready," I yell as I stomp down the stairs.

"They're called steles," I hear my mom tell Clary as she looks at it curiously.

"What are they? Like, paperweights," Clary questions? I snort slightly. "No," mom smiles amused.

"They're much more than that. They're very ancient. I want you to have it. Malia got one too for her eighteenth birthday. Don't you remember? They're family heirlooms."

Clary lets out a laugh. "Oh, I remember hers looks different though. Wait, we Frays have heirlooms?"

She nods slightly. "A few."

"You know, it's weird," Clary starts, tilting her stele towards Simon and Lydia. "I doodled something that looked like this this morning."

She runs her finger along one of the symbols almost, my mother's eyes filled with no emotions. "I must have seen this round the house somewhere," Clary brushes off.

Simon's phone starts rigging all of a sudden ruining the mood. "Marlene is setting up already, we need to start heading out. Like now."

"Bye Luke, bye Miss.Fray," Simon yells as he runs out.

"Bye Mom," Clary and I say simultaneously. (I am using big words!)

"Wait," my mom states as she grabs Clary's wrist making us turn around. "You are eighteen now, I should have told Malia when she became eighteen. But I wanted to keep you as innocent as I can for as long as I can."

"Mom," Clary cuts off! "I already had the talk, since like middle school. I pretty sure Mal did too."

"It's not that," my mom says frustrated. "Just come home as soon as possible, please.

"Ok, I promise," We both say. "See you later Luke, and thanks again for the spray paint," Clary yells as she drags me out of the house. I wave at them as I get dragged out.


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