Chapter Two - Alpha Paul

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Was he breaking up with me? I felt my chest seize with dread. I'd been avoiding him but I didn't want to lose him.

Reluctantly, I followed the two of them into the kitchen. A million thoughts ran through my head. What would I do without him? Was it because I knew his secret? Why was Paul here? Was Kyle pissed that I'd avoided him?

My mind stopped spinning when I spotted David, Kyle's father. I was surprised to see him at home so early.

He looked up and smiled at me warmly, "Hello, Alaska."

"Hi, David. What are you doing home?"

"Something important has come up." His eyes flicked to Paul and he nodded as if giving him permission to explain.

Paul looked at me in response, his deep brown eyes kind but serious. "Alaska, I know that Kyle told you about werewolves."

My eyes widened to the size of beakers. I glanced at Kyle in alarm but he only took my hand and squeezed reassuringly. "I'm the Alpha of Kyle's pack."

Holy... how did he find out that I knew? Did Kyle tell them? "I'm... I don't know what to say." I replied.

"Have a seat." He pulled a kitchen chair for me and I nodded gratefully as I took it. Kyle sat beside me and Paul took the head of the table. He crossed his hands over an envelope I just noticed sitting on the surface. "There is an issue on our hands. Somebody found out that Kyle told you about our... kind and they have made it known to The Wolfrics."

I frowned in confusion.

"The royal family." Kyle expanded.

I sucked in a breath. "What?" I looked at my boyfriend in alarm. "Does this mean..." I couldn't even say it. The family that Kyle had described? That high and mighty Volturi-like monarchy?

"We've come up with a plan." Paul said before I started to hyperventilate.

"A plan?"

"We are going to visit the royal family and tell them that you two are mates."

"Wait... that actually exists?" I gasped. I knew about the whole mate and wolf concept. It was all over books and movies and stuff but I didn't know that it was actually accurate.

"Sort of..." David spoke up. "It exists for certain wolves. Especially high ranking ones such as Alpha Paul and the royal family. However, regular wolves like the members of my family only have a slim chance of having mates. My wife and I did not. But my brother did. It's random."

I shook my head, "But then... what if you think you don't have a mate and marry someone and find your mate after?"

"It doesn't work that way." Paul explained. "Up to the age of twenty-five, a werewolf has a chance of meeting their mate. If it does not happen, they lose the opportunity of ever having one. A biological part of the brain recognizes one's mate. After twenty-five that ability... vanishes. It's kind of like how humans begin to lose their hearing as they age. After eighteen there are certain frequencies you cannot hear. For werewolves, after twenty-five the ability to recognize a mate disappears."

I glanced at Kyle, "So you could have a mate..." I envisioned him in love with another girl and it felt like my heart was crumbling into bird feed. Would he drop me just like that?

He reached for my hand, "It's very rare, babe. I don't have strong enough blood for that to happen."

"But it could happen." Paul interrupted. "Meaning that it will be believable when we tell the royal family you two are mates."

"Can werewolves have human mates?"

"Yes." Paul responded in a heartbeat. "My Beta has a human mate. It is very possible. After all, we are half human."

"And that will keep them from killing us?" I gaped at them.

Paul nodded, "The only possible defence against revealing our true nature to an outsider is if that outsider is your soul mate. You and Kyle are so attached it would be believable."

"So how do we tell them?"

"They are holding your trial thirty-six hours from now. These cases move quickly because they don't want the secret to spread. I will escort you and Kyle to Ireland tomorrow morning."

"And if we don't go?" I gulped.

"They'll find a way to get you there." Paul shot me a serious look that sent a chill down my spine.


Kyle and I were alone in his room. He shut the door before approaching me on the bed. "Alaska, I have to ask you..." He looked torn as his voice faded.


"Who did you tell?"

My eyes widened. He thought I told his secret? "Nobody!" I lashed. "I would never betray you like that!"

"Then how did The Wolfrics know? Someone must have tipped them off!"

"How would I know?" I stood angrily. "I would never do that to you and if you don't believe me then you never knew me at all, Kyle." My chest heaved up and down heavily as I glared at him.

"Alright, alright I'm sorry." He touched my arm. "I believe you, babe. I'm sorry." I let him pull me into a hug. I leaned my head against his broad chest and breathed him in. I'd missed him. "Why have you been avoiding me?" He whispered into my ear. He couldn't hide the hurt in his voice if he tried.

I looked up into his eyes regret washing over me. He was so sweet and kind. He always treated me like a queen and I hurt him because I was afraid. "I'm sorry." I said. "I was just... overwhelmed. I'm so sorry."

"Shh." He pulled me in again. "It's okay. I know it's a lot to take in."

I nodded in agreement. "Do you think the defence will work? Do you think they'll let us go?"

"Alpha Paul is extremely wise. I trust him and if he says they will, I believe him." Kyle spoke assuredly.

"If you believe him, I believe him."


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