Chapter Two - Alpha Paul

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I need you to come over. Now.

I'd been staring at the text message for two minutes straight. My boyfriend was never so dry. He always sent me messages filled with hearts and smiley faces and heart eyes. This was cold. Unemotional.

I know you've been avoiding me but I really need you to reply. It's urgent.

I replied this time.

I haven't been avoiding you...

Alright, maybe I had been avoiding him. Initially, I was super cool with the fact that my boyfriend turned into a gigantic, hairy beast. But then when I was alone at night and had time to think about it... I was seriously freaked out. How was it possible? Was he dangerous? Could he ever lose his temper and I don't know... eat me? It was all too much.

And then the dreams started... or rather nightmares.

Images of black beasts with glowing eyes attacking me in forests in the middle of the night. Tackling me on the ground, sharp canines dripping with saliva ready to eat me whole in the dead of the night, nothing but howls and horrifying growls to fill the silence.

I just didn't have the courage to talk to Kyle after that. He had never hurt me and rationally, I knew he never would. But I was afraid of him, nevertheless.

Don't lie. Just come over. Please.

I owed my boyfriend of four years that much...

Ok. See you in 15.

I slipped an army green coat over my flannel shirt, grabbed my car keys and flew down the stairs without bothering to look into a mirror. Kyle had seen me in every angle, lighting and condition. I wasn't worried about my appearance. "I'm going to Kyle's!" I announced quickly before leaving the house. Whoever heard, heard I didn't really care. I only announced my whereabouts as a courtesy; I was eighteen and had the right to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.

I slipped into my Ford Taurus and drove out of the driveway and onto the empty road. My neighbourhood wasn't very busy. Especially not at eleven in the morning on a Thursday. I didn't have work today and I'd deferred a year before college. Kyle had deferred, as well. Our parents thought it was for each other but neither of us knew what we wanted to do in life and didn't want to rush our education. It was a relief having him around, though. Or at least it used to be.

The drive to Kyle's place was short. I lived near the city while he lived next to the gigantic forest that made our town such an appealing tourist destination. The distance was ten minutes without traffic. I parked on the side of the road instead of his driveway because I was worried his parents would come home and trap me in. It was always such a hassle to move cars around.

I didn't have to ring the doorbell because the door flew open the moment I set foot in front of it. Kyle stood in front of me, his eyes trailing over my figure slowly. He stepped forward and sealed me in a warm hug. I missed him, I realized the moment his favourite cologne surrounded me. Tom Ford. I'd bought it for him on Christmas. "Alaska." He breathed, swiping a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Hey," I murmured gently, unable to resist standing on tiptoe and planting a kiss on his lips.

"Hello, Alaska." Paul, Kyle's family friend, interrupted us. "Nice seeing you again."

"Hi, Paul." I waved awkwardly; embarrassed he'd caught us kissing. "You too."

Kyle exchanged a meaningful look with Paul before looking at me. "We need to talk."

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