Chapter 1

Leo's POV

I sat in the pale white room looking around at what I had. The bed in the far left corner of the square room was unmade. The only other thing in the room besides me is a photograph of my mother I had hidden. My mother and I were polar opposites. She had light blonde hair, while I have black hair. Her eyes were a deep hazel, while mine are an icy blue. Her skin was so pale that it made her features stand out while my tanned skin made only my eyes shine. As I touched the photograph the last memory I had of my mother came to me.


I was thirteen years old, running through the forest with my parents close behind me. They were both in wolf form, I was still running in my human form because I hadn't turned 15 yet so I'm unable to change into wolf form. My father's wolf was large and brown with a hint of silver on his tail. The reason his wolf was so large was because he was the pack's beta, but his wolf was small compared to Alpha Jacob Rogers. His wolf was black with white blended into his ears. My mother's wolf was a soft brown with a mixture of a cream colour. I must have gone off too far because I heard my mother's voice echo in my head,

'Leo come back now.'

I turned back to head towards my parents when suddenly my mom appeared beside me. She gestured for me to climb onto her back. I climbed onto my mother's back. She had to kneel down with her still being in wolf form for me to climb on. As soon as I was on, my mother took off and headed back towards the pack house. I turned my head and noticed my father was following behind us.

When we reached the pack house my mother shifted back into human form and quickly grabbed her clothes from the porch and changed. My father arrived moments afterwards and did the same. My mother took my hand and she lead me inside the house. My father was mind linking other people of the pack, I could tell by his facial expression. 

Then I heard Alpha Rogers' voice, "Get the children and females to safety."

With that I was given one last hug by my father and then I was drug towards the shelter we went to in case of an emergency. My mother's eyes were so wide I thought they would pop out of her head.

"Mama what's going on?" I asked as I looked up at her.

She looked down at me "Rogues and hunters are here," she said, her voice sounding like it was broken.

I was about to say something when the door opened, more women and children entered. I sniffed and instantly smelt Blake's scent. He looked over at me, his green eyes finding me in the crowded room. He walked over with his mother, our Luna, and gave me a hug.

Our mothers instantly started to talk, I could hear the worry in both their voices. I looked back at Blake. He was my best friend. We both grew up together, went to school together, and basically did everything together. He smiled at me but it turned into frown when I didn't smile back.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he brushed his brown hair out of his eyes. 

"Blake it's rogues and hunters, w-what's going to happen?" I asked as tears begin to cloud my eyes. 

"Nothing Leo, our pack is one of the strongest three packs in this area, we will be fine." Blake said with a big, bright smile.

I was about to answer when we heard the fighting begin. Everyone in the room grew quiet and a tense silence hung over all of us as we waited. Right now if a pin were to fall, I'm sure the wolves and hunters fighting outside would hear it. Then suddenly we heard a growl and the crash of the metal door being kicked off it's hinges. My heart was racing as I saw a silver wolf and then a hunter appear. Some of the older boys who were fourteen to fifteen shifted, the urge to protect the Luna too great for them to resist. They went to attack the intruders as the females gathered the children to take us somewhere else.

We made it out of the bunker, but then I saw some of the females shift including the Luna. My mother grabbed both my hand and Blake's and ran. I turned to see the silver wolf and the hunter from before chasing after us. I tugged on my mom's hand and she turned, panic quickly spreading across her face. She threw Blake and I behind a tree as she shifted, ready to fight. She took position to attack as the wolf and the hunter walked towards us. The silver wolf lunged at my mother but she dodged it and darted towards the hunter. The hunter's eyes showed no fear as he lifted up his silver weapon, a loud shot rang out. She let out a howl of pain and I heard my father howl as well.

My mind raced as I yelled, "MOM!"

Both hunter and wolf turned to look at me and grinned. Blake grabbed my hand to run but then I heard my bones snapping. I yelled in pain, then suddenly felt fur on my body. I was on all fours with paws. I turned and looked at the hunter and wolf. Without thinking about it I lunged at the hunter's throat and tore his head off in one movement. The silver wolf nipped me in the side and sent me flying into a tree. I howled in pain as the wolf stalked towards me. The wolf opened its mouth and showed it's canines as he walked forward, his intentions were clearly set on killing me. I closed my eyes and waited. Then, a yelp, I opened my eyes to see a black wolf standing in front of me. At first I was confused and then I noticed the similar features to Alpha Rogers.

'Blake?' I said, speaking through our mind link.

'Hey Leo,' Blake's familiar voice responded.

Seconds later my father came sprinting towards me in only a pair of gym shorts. He looked at me and smiled, then pain flooded his face as his gaze fell onto mom's body. He walked over to her body slowly and then held her limp body to his. I walked over, still in my wolf form, I let out a long blood-curdling howl, expressing the pain I felt looking into mother's lifeless eyes. Blake came up beside me quietly and nudged me, then rubbed his snout to mine in an attempt to comfort me.

*Flashback Over*

That was three years ago, I'm sixteen now and I've been stuck in this room for almost two years. My father was a caring, loving man but after my mother's funeral he changed. Losing your mate is hard for wolves. Your mate is your other half, the one who can calm you, help you, and protect you. Mates were created when the moon goddess created us. She decided to create one soul and split it into two. Once you found your mate, you couldn't love anything more. You need them, needed their touch, needed to be with them, and to never lose them. When someone lost their mate they lost half of themselves and they could never be whole again, the large gaping space left by a lost mate will always remain.

One night my father came home drunk and it takes a lot of alcohol to get a wolf drunk. His eyes were flashing red which meant he was angry or sad. I went to talk to him but he just started hitting me relentlessly. He was much stronger than I was so I couldn't defend myself. Almost every night he would come home and beat me. One night he stayed out really late and came in with a half bottle of clear liquor. I tried to run but he grabbed me by my hair and slammed me onto the floor. I hit my head on the tile floor and blood started to seep out.

"Daddy please, stop!" I screamed, but he didn't care he dragged me into the white room by my hair and threw me in the bed. My vision started to become blurry and I looked over towards my dad. The last thing I saw was him take off his belt and throw his pants down.

I knew he raped me that night. He told me, and he did it again. He leaves me in this room and feeds me once a week. He wants to make sure my wolf and I are weak so we can't fight back or leave, but he also wants to keep me alive. The only visitors I got were my father, the alpha, his son and his daughter. One day the Alpha came into the room and said, "Your father told me you help take away the pain of losing a mate."

At first I was confused, not understanding what he meant and then I understood, I tried to scream but it was too late. He slapped his hand over my mouth and pushed me against the wall. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see the rest. The next day Blake came to see me and I was overjoyed. I ran to him and he pulled me into a hug but then his grip grew stronger on me.

"Blake what are you doing?" I asked and then he kissed me roughly.

He pushed me up against a wall and I managed to push him off me using all my strength, I ran to the other side of the room.

"Blake what are you doing?" I asked him again as I tried to push myself further into the corner and away from Blake.

Blake started to walk towards me, I could see the lust in his eyes and it scared me.

"Blake please!" I screamed at him.

He had gotten within arms reach of me and he placed both of his arms on either side of me, trapping me in place. He looked at me and placed a finger under my chin, raising my head so I looked him in the eyes.

"Don't worry Leo, my father said we could be together once I take the title of Alpha. I will be back for you and we can live a happy life together." Blake said as he gave me another rough kiss and then he walked out the door.

I was too shocked for words. Blake wanted me to get married to him. Happy life together. All of these thoughts are racing through my head and I end up passing out.

Hours must have passed with me being unconscious, I was coming back to my senses and the first thing that I realized was that someone was attempting to wake me, my whole body tensed. I quickly got up and crawled into the corner, turning myself into a ball. I looked up, I saw the fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes, and my body relaxed, it was Haley. I quickly ran to her and cried on her shoulder, "Haley you have to get me out of here."

She said nothing and left me in the room wishing that my living nightmare would just end. She came in the next day with my weekly food and handed it to me. I took the tray and without another word she left the room. I looked at the tray and was about to bite into the sandwich when a piece of paper fell out of it. I quickly picked it up and read the note.

I will be here tonight at 1 be ready. There is a bike and a bag full of food and other necessities for you. Once I get you there you are on your own.


A smile appeared on my face, I was getting out of this hellhole.

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