Chapter 8

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   Undyne threw a spear at Red, but being jerked around like that made her off balance. It missed, but it put Red off focus. He dropped Undyne, and she came marching forward. She pulled the spear out, and used it to keep him up against the tree. Red started sweating more, a looked of nervousness on his face. Undyne felt great, yet kinda bad, like she was not doing the right thing.
   Red glanced at Gaster. Despite his fear, it was still them who deserved to live, not him. Gaster hurtled another attack at them, and Red quickly made his choice.
   "Get down!" Red yelled, pushing an unsuspecting Undyne to the ground. The attack hit him square in the chest he slid back because of the force of the attack, and slipped out of consciousness, not expecting to wake up.
   Undyne watched as Red pushed her to the ground, and a big blob of void magic hit him square in the chest. She realized now that he had been trying to protect her. She looked, and sure enough, there was Gaster, smiling his smile. He disappeared. He did not come back. Undyne ran over to where Red was, and saw that he was unconscious. She picked him up, and carried him back to Snowdin. The others followed. They went into Papyrus and Blue Sans' house, and set Red on the table. Undyne looked at him. For once, he looked peaceful. Relaxed. Rather than the anxious look he always had. Undyne felt incredibly guilty. She had called him a freak of nature, and he had agreed. Then she pinned him to a tree, and he had kept her from falling into the void. And, she had threatened to kill him, and he pushed her out of the way, and took the blow for her. Undyne, along with everyone else, was shocked, (and scared) at the power of his determination. He was a monster. Monsters don't have that much determination.
   Blue studied his counterpart closely. Suddenly he remembered. Red was still a Sans. And being one himself, Blue knew that almost all Sanses had only one HP. Could Red be dying? Blue checked Red's HP. It was extremely low, and still going lower. HP stood for hope. Red was losing hope fast. No. He wasn't just losing hope, he was losing the will to live. That was everything. Living in Underfell, poor Red didn't even have much hope to begin with. An idea clicked into Blue's head. He quickly explained.
   "Ok. So what do we do?" Papyrus asked in response to Blue Sans' explanation.
   "We give him hope. A reason to live." Blue answered. "Red. If you can hear me right now, we need you to come back. All of us. You're not ready to die yet, but you want to. I get it. But you need to come back." Everyone else's voice joined in.
   "Please come back. We still need you. Your brother needs you. All of us need you." Everyone in the room spoke in unison. Blue saw Red's HP go up slightly. "We all uhh..." they hesitated. None of them had any idea what to say next. They trailed off. Suddenly, they heard a phone ring.
   "SANS! WHERE ARE YOU? I CHECKED YOUR POST AND YOU WEREN'T THERE! EITHER GET THERE  NOW, OR I WILL COME LOOKING FOR YOU!" Red's Papyrus yelled. Had he just now noticed that Red was gone? Wow. Some brotherly love right there. (Red had been here for 2 and a half weeks.) Papyrus hung up. Blue sighed. Underfell Papyrus hadn't even noticed that Red was gone yet. But even still... They had to get Red up, and fast.
   "Umm... I don't know what to do. Maybe one of us could access his mind, and wake him up." Blue suggested. "But who?" Undyne immediately volunteered. She felt like she owed Red for everything he had done for them all. Alphys instructed her to put her hands on his head. Undyne did so, and concentrated really hard.
   Undyne opened her eyes, and all around her, she saw black, swirling around, with a hint of red and golden yellow. Undyne looked around, and saw Red on the ground, on his knees. Undyne walked over, grinning.
   "Red! Hey, Red! Uhh... are you ok?" Undyne asked, watching Red closely.
   "Are you here to kill me?" He asked. Undyne looked shocked.
   "What? No! Why would I do that?"
   "I dunno. You did it before." Suddenly, all around them, visions of an Undyne that was not her appeared. That Undyne had a different color spear. This must be Underfell Undyne. She aimed several spears at Red, and he just barely dodged them all. There were several instances like this, but different.
   "I'm not like that. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help." Undyne said. Red's aura started getting a deeper red. He was getting mad.
   "Oh, so I have to be helped now, huh? What am I, a problem? You gonna fix me or something? Just like you would a problem?" Red burst out. Undyne shook her head.
   "No. What is this place? Why don't you get up and show me around?" Undyne suggested, calming Red down. He shook his head. "Why not?"
   "For one, this is basically it, what you're looking at, and two, I can't." Red said impatiently. He held up his hands as if it should be obvious. There were black chains keeping him down. "I been trying to get to that light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't." Red said, obviously depressed about it. He seemed to want to go there really bad.
   "Why not?"
   "The chains. I can barely remember it, but when I got hit by Gaster's attack, my conscious fell down here. It seems like he put me to sleep... to have to free myself... from myself. I know what that light is. I have to make an impossible choice. But until I free myself, I can't make it."

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