Chapter Five - The Stars And Moon Remind Me Of You

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They didn't see each other for a while after that. Gabe saved William's number to his phone, just in case he needed it for whatever reason. No matter how much they wanted to talk, they didn't. Every time Gabe thought about how much William had confessed to him, how much emotion he'd shared, he smiled. William, on the other hand, cringed at the event.

The next time the saw each other was a Thursday, three weeks after William had shown up at Gabe's door unannounced. Vicky had decided to have another house party, somewhat battling with Alex as to who could fit more people in their house.

"Good to see you again, Beckett!" William jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, greeted by a very smiley Gabe Saporta.

"Hey, Gabe." William laughed, suddenly extremely conscious of everything he was doing.

"Who's Vicky trying to set you up with now?" they both laughed, and Gabe leaned against the wall, eyes focused on William.

"Surprisingly, no one." he raised his eyebrows "But you never know with Miss Asher."

"Ah yes, the wonderful Miss Asher. A toast, to her." Gabe raised his plastic cup jokingly, finishing the drink in one go before tossing the cup to the side carelessly. After the giggles had subsided, a silence grew over them. They just stood there, grinning like schoolchildren.

"Hey, let's get out of here." William raised an eyebrow at Gabe's suggestion. "And, before you say anything, I've only had half a bottle of beer, so it's not an irresponsible drunk decision. You in?" Gabe put out his hand, waiting for William.

"Sure." William smirked, taking Gabe's hand in his. Gabe's grip tightened in excitement.


Gabe led them through to the street, William trailing behind him. Their hands were still bound together, and since they were no longer in the house, they could let go if they wanted to. But they didn't.

"Where are we going?" Willaim couldn't stop himself from smiling. In the past three weeks, he'd forgotten how much emotional warmth Gabe had given him. It felt good to be back with him.

"You'll see."

They walked for about ten minutes until they were right at the edge of the town. Behind them was a typical city scene - cars, houses, and the occasional stray cat. In front of them, however, was huge lots of grass and hills, completely different from the busy life behind them. Another five minutes of walking, before Gabe dragged William up a hill.

"This is lovely." William smiled, taking in his surroundings. With the lack of light pollution, he could see every glimmering star, every twinkling planet, every inch of the sky above him. It was truly beautiful.

"I thought you'd like it. It's a nice little spot, I like to come here to clear out my mind." Gabe sat down, and pulled William down beside him.

"I can see why. Pure beauty as far as the eye can see. I should bring my guitar up here."

"You play?"

"A bit." William shrugged, embarrassed about himself being the topic of conversation. "I like to kid myself that I can sing, too."

"I'd love to hear you." Gabe said without thinking. William felt his cheeks going red. Sensing that William was becoming uneasy, Gabe spoke up.

"Truth or dare?"


"Truth or dare?"

"Uh, truth, I guess?"

"Why'd you stay with me? I was a dick to you when we first met, but you were nothing but sweet." Gabe looked William straight in the eye, looking for an honest answer.

"I guess I just..." William trailed off, trying to put everything into words "I wanted to give it a shot. I've always believed that first impressions are never a good representation of who you really are."

"I like that." Gabe smiled, resting his head on William's shoulder. "I pick truth, too."

"When was the first time you kissed a boy?"

"I was fifteen. He was my first boyfriend but I don't even remember his name." he laughed, remembering the details for the first time in a year "He kissed me at the back of a cinema, then broke up with me two weeks later."

Gabe lifted his head to look at William again, taking in the way the moonlight perfectly landed on his face, highlighting his features in a celestial way. William turned to look at him, and their eyes met. They both looked away instantly.


They stayed silent for a while, just enjoying each other's company. After five minutes, Gabe lay down. He grabbed the fabric of William's shirt and pulled him down beside him.

"Look at the stars." Gabe said, barely louder than a whisper "Look at the fucking stars."


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