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Everything and problem with Sapphire and anyone else is solved so now our lives are back to the way they were in a good way and a bad way. Remember when Chris went to the club every night? Well ever since we were free from problems he wasn't afraid to go out late anymore. So that process is starting back up.....


It was 2:00am and I was up watching Kim Possible just cause it was on. The kids were asleep upstairs and Chris I don't know. This was starting to get like old times and I hated it. Being hit and punched till I'm hurt and can't take anymore to weak and scared to fight back always running to Destiny's house I'm tired of it I'm not letting my two boys hear and go through what Dani had to go through not ever seeing our relationship get any better! I'm tired of it this time I'm fighting back. Chris went and got help but I knew that the help was going to last a while.

Chris:*walks in*

Carrie:*looking at TV*

Chris:*sits next to her*

To my surprise I smelt nothing. But he sat something in my lap and kissed my cheek and walked upstairs. I looked down and saw flowers and a card.

Card:I would never go to a club again. I will never hurt you again.

I will never ever let it be like old times.

I'm making a change for Dani.

I visited her grave.

Got these flowers and a card.

Then did some stuff but it's a surprise.


I walked upstairs and saw something beautiful. Candles,flower petals,chocolate covered strawberries,and amazing things.

Chris:To get rid of the stress.

Carrie:*wipes eyes* I'm giving you my all tonight.

Chris:Well I guess we're giving each other our all tonight.

Carrie:*kisses him*

Chris:*pushes her on the bed*

15 minutes later.

Chris:*fingering Carrie*

Carrie:Damn *moans* I'm gonna c

Chris:*stops* Go ahead bae.


Chris:*puts on a condom*

Carrie:*starts ridding him fast*

Chris:Shit *throws his head back*

☀The next day☀

Destiny:*knocks on the door*

Carrie:*opens it* Hayy! *hugs her*

Destiny pulled me into my bathroom and shut the door. She rinsed the make up off her face.


Carrie:Prince did this?


I sat her on the floor then sat next to her so she could calm down.

Carrie:Destiny. Who did this to you?

Destiny:*takes three deep breaths* Trey Burke.

Carrie:HELL NO!

Destiny:He came to my house. I opened the door and he looked mad as fuck I asked him what was wrong and he said he mad that I left him for Prince.

Carrie:And then?

Destiny:He walked closest to me and I took a step back. This nigga grabs MA WEAVE AND SLAMS ME ON THE GROUND. And he started beating me and Precious was away with Prince thank God.

Carrie:Oh my gosh. You know what?

Destiny:Yes. We're going to Las Vegas just us two and lets go to a casino!


Destiny:*whispers* We can do anything cause what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas bitches!!

Carrie:*laughs* When?

Destiny:This weekend.

Carrie:But you're not going back home Trey might be there still.

Destiny:Yea. *looks down* I know it's stupid to just come here crying and then planning stuff.

Carrie:I'm happy you came. So let's go get packing I have some of your clothes in my room.

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