Part Three

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The weekend went by in a blur. Jensen spent all his time, laughing and smiling with his birthday girl, who never ceased to be happy.

Jensen took JJ to see Rapunzel one last time, in hopes to see you again. He couldn't get you off his mind, no matter how hard he tried, you were permanently etched into him.

Packing up the car, and leaving the hotel, Jensen met up with Jared and the family at California Adventure.

"Can you believe this is our last day?" Jared asked, watching the kids sit inside the Animation Place, where they wait to enter 'talking with Crush.'

"I know. It's been one amazing weekend. That's for sure." He smirked. "Thanks again for coming out here to hang out with me and JJ. It really means a lot."

Jared nodded. "Of course. You and JJ are family. There's no way we would miss this."

Gen sat with Shep in her lap, looking up at the screens that played clips of different movies.

"Gen and I were talking last night and well if you want, you and JJ can stay with us after you know, the divorce thing and what not." Jared stated. "We are always here for you. And Besides, I'm sure the boys would love to live with their favorite uncle."

Jensen let out a soft chuckle as he tried to mask the pain. "Are you sure? I mean, I can always just get an apartment somewhere and-"

"Seriously J, you are totally welcomed at our house. It'll be like old times." He smiled.

'Old times' he thought to himself.


"Come on! Brendon is meeting us there." Paisley exclaimed, pouting her lips at you.

"Paisley I have to study." You exhaled.

"Please! I need you. I can't do this without you." She pleaded. "I will do whatever you want!"

Today was your last day off before a week of school and work. Though you knew you wanted a reason to get out, you also didn't want to fail your exam.


You rolled your eyes and let out a huff. "Fine."

She jumped up and squealed, her smile growing by the second. "Yay! Okay, get ready. I want to leave here no later than 3."

You nodded as you watched her skip back to her room.

After a few hours of singing and getting ready, you were finally all dressed up. Your hair was in loose curls that fell over your shoulders, and your makeup was set perfectly that fit with your outfit.

It's been so long since you've taken the time to get ready.

"We have to go!" Paisley exclaimed.

"I'm coming." One last glance at the mirror, and finished the last touches of your make up.

Walking out to the front room, she turned and met your silhouette. "You look cute!" She smiled.

"Thanks." You chuckled. "Come on. Let's go before Brendon gets tired of waiting."

She nodded and followed you outside to the car. The warm rays tingling your skin.

"We need to find you a boyfriend." She exclaimed, "so you can loosen up."

You rolled your eyes and shook your head. "Shut up. I'm perfectly fine by myself."

"Sure Janet." She winked.


"Ready to go home Princess?" Jensen asked, sweating from the warm air.

She looked up at him, and shrugged. Holding her doll close to her chest. "Okay daddy." She mumbled. 

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