Ash meets Sonic

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Ash Ketchum a sixteen year old teenager who was a Pokemon trainer he had black spiky hair, brown eyes, he wore a blue collared shirt with short sleeves, darker blue jeans, red and white hat and red high top sneakers.

As he was walking with his two friends Dawn and Brock.

Dawn was a fifteen year old teenage girl who had long blue hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, she wears a mini black dress with a white undershirt inside of a v shape neck with a short pink skirt. On her head she wore a white beanie that has a pink pokeball print in the middle.

Brock was a seventeen year old teenager he had dark brown spiky hair, he wore a green shirt with a orange and grey open vest, tan jeans and blue and white shoes.

Ash had Pikachu on his shoulder as always as they were walking to another town Pikachu heard a noise as his ear twitch.

"Pika?" Pikachu said confused as he leaped off of Ash's shoulder. "Pikachu!" Ash called out as he and the other two followed the Pikachu

"What's wrong with Pikachu?" Dawn asked. "I don't know but I think it wants us to follow it!" Brook answered as they followed the little yellow Pokemon.

As Pikachu stopped in the middle of a forest he looked and saw a blue Pokemon? He titled his head to see that it was hurt.

It was unconscious it had scars, bruises and cuts all over its body it was shivering because of the cold Pikachu saw that it was holding it chest in pain.

"Pikachu what's wrong with you?!" Ash asked as he finally came up to his friend panting putting his hands on his knees.

"Oh look he's hurt!" Dawn said as she noticed a strange Pokemon unconscious.

Ash carefully picked I the blue Pokemon as he whimpered in pain he shivered as he snuggled in Ash's chest.

"Poor thing!" Dawn said worried for him. "Where's the Pokemon Center?" Ash asked. "Uh one mile away if we hurry we'll make it!" Brock told his friends who nodded agreement.

As Pikachu landed on Ash's shoulder who took off running with Brock and Dawn following.

It was only a few minutes later as they finally made it to the Pokemon Center where a woman with pink hair, a pink Mexican dress with a white nurse apron and pink shoes.

As Ash and his friends ran inside he quickly went up to the woman with the injure Pokemon in his arms.

"Nurse Joy can you help he's hurt badly and shivering because it's cold outside!" Ash asked Nurse Joy first blinked then looked at the blue Pokemon in the boy's arms she saw an injure Pokemon that had a gash of blood on his head, cuts on his arms, a big scar on his chest, bruises on his legs and he was shivering as he clenched Ash's shirt.

"Oh my Chansey help me with this Pokemon!"

As a pink chubby Pokemon rushed out wearing a white nurse apron and a little hat with a red plus sign in he middle pushed out a stretcher as Ash carefully put the injure Pokemon down on the stretcher as Nurse Joy and Chansey quickly went inside of s room to treat the Pokemon's wounds as Ash stood near the door worried for him.

"You did he right thing Ash." Brock told his friend who nodded but stayed quiet.

It was only a few hours when Nurse Joy had told Ash and his friends that the Pokemon was healing really good just needed rest as it was night time now Ash was in the room with the Pokemon in a bed Ash had his hand on top of the blue Pokemon's hand as Ash was asleep the blue Pokemon slowly open his eyes with a small groan.

Ash open his eyes and see that the Pokemon was awake! "Oh your awake!" Ash said.

"Yeah...where am I?" The blue Pokemon asked surprising Ash.

"I didn't know you could talk?"

"I can do a lot of things." The blue Pokemon smiled tiredly at Ash. "What's your name?" Ash asked. "Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" The blue Pokemon said.

"Hedgehog huh?"

"Yeah but uh where am I?" Sonic asked again. "Oh your at the Pokemon Center." Ash said.

"Pokemon Center?" Sonic asked confused. "Yeah, you know for Pokemon?" Ash said confused.

"Sorry haven't heard of them where I'm from." Sonic said tiredly. " where are you from?" Ash asked as he noticed how tired Sonic looked.

"I'm from Planet Mobius." Sonic said as his eyes were half closed. "Planet?! Your from another planet?!" Ash asked in shock but he didn't get an answer as he looked down to see Sonic was now asleep snoring softly making him smile a little.

"Don't worry pal ill get you home." Ash thought to himself as he slowly went back to sleep.

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