Ch 11: Hawk Eyed Lizzy

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Killian POV:

"Mr. Blythe sir? You have post."

I looked to the house maid and nodded, taking the
letter, "thank you"

Its been three weeks since I sent post to my employer explaining about Gizmo and her knowledge of Ginney Gladstone. Oddly enough I had left out her dealings in metal body parts out of the letter, it wasn't a necessity to us. I had expected anger and the lack of a job to wait for me in the reply.

Instead all I got a simple 3 sentences.

That girl is Liar.

Ginnie Gladstone lives.

Look into A woman by the name of Elizabeth Adair.


Great...just great.

Another woman I have to chase down.

Sighing I stood from the table, "perhaps this one won't take quite as long.."

I set off into the streets in order to find this Elizabeth Adair.


"Bloody hell, you're kidding me Samson, you know that Woman?"

"That I do, her husband used to come here before his passing, used to be a nurse of some sort I hear. Lovely lady."

I sat back in my chair, "Really?"

By god things might turn around.

he nodded and gave me a quick set of directions.

But stopped me as I tried to leave, "Aye Killian, have you seen Gizmo as of late?"

"I havent spoken a word to that cold woman in 3 weeks."

He frowned, "come now, don't be so hard on the girl, she's not too bad if you can take a good tongue lashing."

My lips formed a fine line, "be careful with that one Samson something is off with her."

He rolled his eyes, "I think you just can't find a new excuse to talk to her so you're pretending to be mad."


I left the bar.

...only to run right into the woman I did not want to see.

She stared at me for a long moment, "you're still here?"

"Yes. Gizmo I am."

She huffed. smoothing her skirts, "I still need that certificate back."

I shot her a charming smile, "I'm afraid I have misplaced it."

Her lips pursed, "Of course."

I could feel her eyes on me as I walked away from her as well.

I was sure she would follow but could not possibly bring myself to care.


"I am terribly sorry to intrude upon your day miss."

The sweet looking old woman smiled at me over the tea tray, "No worries son...what is it you wanted to ask me my maid said it urgent."

I cleared my throat softly and set down my tea, looking the frail woman in the eye, "I'm looking for a Miss. Gladstone."

She looked mildly surprise and then a sadness set over her. "Oh. How I knew those girls would come back to haunt me..Which Gladstone if you don't mind my asking?"

I blinked in shock, "there is more than one gladstone girl?"

She looked slightly confused, "Sisters. Twin girls at Petters, the house for stray children I worked in as a nurse years ago..Ginnie and Ginger Gladstone."

"i'm looking for Ginnie."

"Good..fortunate of you..she was a sweet girl her sister was...I don't like to speak unkindly of people Mr. Blythe..but that little girl was some sort of evil."

She looked worried and mildly afraid. "Evil?"

"Oh yes..but Ginnie loved her anyways. they were inseparable. the best of friends. She and Ginger would often get into trouble with one another."

I was still trying to process the fact that there were two Gladstone girls. Sisters.

Twin sisters.

"Have you seen Ginnie?"

She shook her head, " apologies..but I would be happy to look through my old things to see if I have anything that will help you find her and write you when I do."

I nodded and wished the woman goodbye.


Gizmo POV:

The woman sat drinking her tea alone, "never thought I would see your mug again Lizzy."

She looked up at me, the gentle look in her eyes turning hard, "I could say the same to you whichever one you similar the two of you."

I stared calmly at her, "there was a man here, what did you tell him?"

She huffed, "once an insolent child always an insolent child."

I ignored her, "just answer the question you old bat."

"I told him about you and your sister..." She looked me over again, "...The real question is which one are you..the both of you were exact copies save for the look in your eyes. One could only ever tell when you two were side by side..Ginnie always had more light than Ginger."

"my sister is dead."

"So which gladstone girl lives? Ginger or Ginnie?..that harsh personality tells me you're Ginger but its been years since I have seen you, you were still a little girl then."

My jaw clenched.

She smiled a bit, "perhaps it does not matter which twin you are. Your were both horrible girls."

I didn't bother with the bait, I just kept staring.

"Perhaps your Ginnie then, Ginger could never hold her temper...but Ginnie would likely be immobile now...So which twin should I tell that handsome Gentleman you are?"

"Neither. Because i'm not. You're a delusional old woman."

She shook her head at me but said nothing mores.

She was still Hawk Eyed Lizzy. Evil old woman.

"If he hears a whisper about this, you'll be in gods hands."

The last thing she said as I walked from the room was, "the Gladstone girls didn't believe in god."

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