chapter 1

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Marks pov:

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was just rising over the trees and I could here the little birds chirp as I sipped my coffee from a table outside 'a little bite of heaven' a wonderful coffee shop that was unfortunately right next to a 'Starbucks' so it was never that busy but that was one of the reasons I loved it. I pulled my beanie slightly over my dark blue hair and looked at my phone while taking another sip of my warm drink.

After about 5 minuets I heard the voice "Hay Mark!" I slightly jumped at the sudden voice in the middle of a calming silence but smiled sweetly at my good friend as he sat down next to me. "Hi Bob" I welcomed as a warm wind flew past us causing me to hold my hat to prevent it from flying away. "Wade's just coming, he texted me that he locked himself out of his apartment yet again" he chuckled just before we saw him coming down the lane. "sup guys, wait where's Felix?" he asked. Felix had asked us all to meet here in the morning for some odd reason that he didn't want to tell us until he saw us. I simply shrugged at Wades question because I was way to tired to actually get any words out that wasn't a joke about him locking himself out again.

After a while of waiting, talking and making jokes we saw the Swedish mans car driving along before coming to a halt at the side of the road and seeing our friend emerge from the door with a welcoming smile as he took the final seat at the small wooden table and set his backpack down next to him.

"Sup bros!" Felix exclaimed as he brushed some of his dirty blond hair out of his face. "Hay Felix! wait, what did you want to tell us?" Bob asked gaining a smile from pewds (pewds was a nickname given to Felix on there 1st year of school together but no one could remember how).

Felix laughed slightly and pulled a flag out of his black bag with a drawing of a pug on it, the flag was quite big so he unfolded it and held it out in front of his face to reveal the rainbow coloured fabric with the words 'pride' written on it in big, bold, fancy lettering. We all examined the flag as Felix lowered it to reveal his face again which now had a goofy grin on it "do you guys wanna go to a pride with me?!" He almost shouted, startling my morning daze as a smile spread across my face, I looked over to Bob and wade who has the same expression on there faces. (for anyone who doesn't know a pride is a gay pride march for lgbtaq+ rights)

Bob and Wade both supported the lgbt+ while me and Felix where both about as straight as a bendy ruler. "Fuck yeah!" was all I said as it erupted a laugh from the other three "haha yay, the reason why I asked you guys is because my boyfriend Cry is going with his friend and asked me to come, he also said I could bring some of my friends along too!" Pewds said with a gleeful smile as I couldn't help but chuckle at his excitement "when is it?" I asked and felix turned to look at me "tomorrow at 12:00" he relied "it's at the centre of town where the old statue is and we'll be meeting cry and his friend there" he continued "friend?" Wade asked curious of Crys friend. We had all met cry and we're actually quite close but he never talked about a 'friend' other than one named ken that Felix seemed to know.

"Oh yeah, his name is Jack and he's from Ireland, I have no idea what his sexuality is because I've never really asked him but I'm sure as hell it isn't straight since he's had a boyfriend before" Felix said before nudging me with his elbow "and he's single! and cute! aaaand he's totally your type" he said as he squealed. Felix had been trying to hook me up with a guy for ages now but I never seamed to show any particular interest in any of them, oh well maybe this one will be the one "ha we'll see, I have to meet the guy first" I said as I finished my coffee and placed the empty cup on the table as Felix returned the rainbow cloth to his backpack.

"Im sure you two will make the cutest couple!" he squealed yet again. "wow wow wow slow down there-" I told Felix who wouldn't listen "but I've been meaning to introduce you for a while and he's looking for someone too and you guys would be so good together" he kept going causing my cheeks to turn slightly pink and Wade and Bob to chuckle at Felixes attempts on hooking me up with his Irish friend. 'just think about it Mark!" Felix said, excitement clear in his eyes as he looked at me with a hopeful expression "okay, okay geez, let me actually get to know him first" I said as Felix nodded and ordered a hot chocolate.

We sat there for a while talking about pride as well and some other stuff. This was actually my first time going to a pride and I was rather exited for it, I knew there would probably be some hate but  nothing I couldn't handle.

"Okay so I'll meet you guys here tomorrow and we'll walk down to the centre of town and meet Cry and Jack" we all agreed. "okay sounds like a plan, I have to get back though" Bob said as he stood up and started walking away "yeah I have to go see if I can actually get myself back in my house, see ya" Wade said shortly after and went back from where he came from "yeah I have to get going, bye Mark" felix said as he got into his car and drove away, leaving me to my own thoughts before I slowly begun walking back to my apartment but not before grabbing a rainbow coloured hoodie that I saw in a shop window that I thought would be nice for the next day at the march.

I have to say I am a bit curious of 'Jack'. Felix seems to think we would be pretty good together and honestly I was exited to meet him. Maybe he is the one I've been looking for. I just can't wait until I have a face to go with the name.

Sorry this chapter is sooo boring, I promise the next will be less so but until then I hope you guys enjoyed this story and I'll update the next chapter very soon.


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