NIALL: {YOUR POV} Noah’s home on Christmas break during his Sophomore year of college with his friend Nick, and his girlfriend Christina. You and Niall were so happy when you found out that he was dating someone, and that he brought her to meet you guys. The rule is still that they have to sleep in separate rooms though since Millie is still in high school. Him and Nick are bunking. You and Niall peak the door and walk in without knocking to find your son having sex, it’s not with Christina though. “Oh my God!” You shriek and cover your eyes before running out of the room. Niall’s stunned, not more stunned than Nick and Noah though. “Mom! Dad!” You hear him yell from his room before Niall runs out and closes the door behind. You two go back into the kitchen and sit down to in shock to speak. Noah comes out a few minutes later, dragging Nick behind him. “Hey, uh. So I’m not actually dating Christina. Nick is my boyfriend.” He hangs his head down, you can’t stand to see him sad. You stand up and hug him as tight as you can. “I don’t care! But you can’t sleep in the same room!” He laughs and hugs you back.

LOUIS: {YOUR POV} “Lacy!” You yell to get her attention. She yelps out in surprise and pulls the covers over her and the boy who you then see is Matthew Styles. You stomp out of the room furious and walk straight to your husband. “Call Harry! And tell him to get his Ass over here, oh and tell him not to worry about bringing Matthew because HE’S ALREADY HERE.” You yell down the hall so that they can hear you. Louis looks astonished and has no idea what’s going on until he sees Matthew walk out of his daughter’s room without a shirt on. “Harry, you better get over here before I murder your fucking son.” He hangs up and walks over to Matthew furious.

ZAYN: {HIS POV} “Hannah! No!” I can’t believe what I just saw, my little baby, doing the thing that makes little baby’s. Why can’t I get it out if my head? I’m going to kill that little shit. She better come out and explain herself. God, I can’t even believe this. My little princes. “Daddy,” she comes out of her room, and starts her walk of shame, “Daddy, I’m so sorry!” She runs over and wraps her around me. I’m a little hesitant to hug her back because of what I just saw, so I pat her back and sort of push her away. “It’s okay, I just really don’t want a hug right now.” I look down awkwardly. “You know two things though, right?” she looks at me confused. “No? What?” I laugh and pull my phone out. “Well, I’m going to call your mother and we’ll be having a long talk about the joys of sexual maturity.” I smile as she shifts awkwardly “but first,” I look into her room angry. “I’m gonna kill the bastard that’s sneaking out of your window!” I stomp over as she grabs my arm to try to keep me from killing him.

HARRY: {HIS POV} “This is great, just the five of us and the families!” Niall states as he sits on the big couch with a new beer. “Yeah, It’s nice that the kids were able to come up to, it’s hard to see everyone now that they’re all grown up,” I sigh happily and lean against the chair as we all start talking about tour days. We were able to get everyone to come up for a week this summer, it’s nice to just have everyone together again. Liam starts talking about Camron and how he’s loving tour life. “You know what Liam, You mind if I go get Camron, maybe he could play us a tune?” I ask standing up since I already know the answer. He nods excited so I walk down the hall to his room and am extremely mortified when I see him on top of a girl. “You’re so lucky it’s not your dad Cam! Jesus lock the damn door boy!” I yell, but before I can close the door I see a head of curly hair, “Dad!?” Amelia’s face shows up from under Camron, and a wave of anger rushes over me. I look back at Cam, already red in the face, “Boy, you’re about to find out why your last name is Payne!” I yell probably attracting the attention of the others.

LIAM: {YOUR POV} “Elice! I told you to do the dishes an hour and a half ago!” You yell through the house, but get no response. You stomp up the stairs and into her room only to see her lying in bed with a boy on top of her. “Elice!” You walk backward and slam the door shut. “Be dressed in sixty seconds because that’s when I’m coming in again!” you hear shuffling around and watch the door open to reveal your daughter at fifty seven seconds. “Go do the dishes.” You gripe at her sternly and point to the stairs. She just brushes past you and down the stairs. You don’t even know what to think, or what you’re going to tell Liam.  

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