Secret of the Moonlight

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It was once a peaceful night in the city of Rosemore, known for its mythical cases where people disappeared under the moonlight, never to be heard from again. There in the streets, the criminals and thugs only feared one name: Mael. Silver hair almost fully covered a round, friendly face. Darting dark brown eyes were set appealingly within their sockets.

Little was known about the childhood of this individual, but whenever there was a mysterious case that was left unsolved, he would pick it up and shed light on it.

His findings were always controversial, as not everyone was willing to accept them.

"In short, the whole execution of these disappearances follows a certain pattern," said Mael in an interview on live television.

"Mister Mael, are you suggesting that the disappearances are simply the work of a serial killer?" asked the interviewer.

"Yes. Our investigation leads us to believe so. It is an individual by the name of SERK, who has just recently been linked with the murder of my good friend Jack Greyson."

Upon saying this, the journalists who were gathered to witness the interview pressed Mael to answer their questions. The sounds arose as if little bees were busy working.

"I'm sorry, no more questions," said Mael as he got up. He took the mic out and left the room, leaving everyone buzzing and baffled.


It was a long and gruesome night. A tale of tragedy that was sprung all too real for Isabelle. With chestnut, curly hair awkwardly hanging over a fine, tense face with glittering sapphire blue eyes, she was running in a very dark corridor, wiping her tears with every step she took. She reached the police station and entered in a rush.

"Help! Officers!" she sighed, as she was short of breath. She almost collapsed, but was caught by an officer who was nearby.

"What was that again?" the officer asked.

Isabelle pulled out a letter she had in her bag. "It's this!" she said.

The officer picked up the letter and read it. "This is . . ." he said.

"A threat was made against his life! It's the murderer from the TV! I'm sure he's after my boyfriend Calvin; please, you gotta help!" she said.

"I'm not sure, to be honest, but if that is the case only one person can help you, and that person exists in the shadows. His name is Mael," he said.

"How can I contact him?" She didn't hesitate to ask.

"You don't. He finds you, if your case is interesting enough. Look, there's a rumor that anything that enters our system gets sent to him, so I'll do that for you. What is the name of your boyfriend?"

"Calvin Greyson."

"Wait, Greyson? As in the Greyson?" he asked.

"Yes! People are saying that the same killer is back to exert revenge on his son as well."

Mael used to be a family friend, I believe . . . he will want to do this, he thought.

The officer took his notes and when he was done, he let Isabelle go back home. He proceeded to enter the details of the incident in the system.

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