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your (P.O.V)

i am waiting for my boyfriend Justin to come home.He's been late home these past few weeks. i am getting a bit worried. i don't know what he does when he goes out for all i know he could be dead. i am pacing back and forth worrying where the fuck Justin is.

i see the door knob twist. i watch slowly.All i see is a drunken Justin approach me. This is the third time he has been coming home late and drunk. I have had enough of this.

me: where the fuck have you been

Justin's mouth opens but nothing comes out he stares at me for a second then some slurred words come out of his drunken mouth.

Justin: n-none off-f your business-ss and by the way your l-ooking s-sexy today

he tries to hug me but i push him away

me: don't touch me Justin not while your like this

Justin: for fuck sake woman whats the matter with you?!

me: whats the matter with me?! you really wanna know

Justin: not really

me: fine you don't care about me anymore?! your more interested with alcohol you know what im gone. piss off!

i am about to walk out of the door when Justin grabs my waist and pulls me in. 

me: let go!

Justin makes me face him. i look him in the eye. i could see mixed emotions. as i was staring i felt his lips touch mine. something took over me i forcefully pinned him up at the wall and started kissing him aggressively. he turned me so i am against the wall he started kissing my neck. i let a quiet moan slip my mouth. he carried me up stairs and slowly laid me on the bed. 

Justin: i want you so bad

he grabbed my shirt and pulled it off. he took seconds looking at my body. i started to kiss him more passionately while pulling his shirt over his had. i took a moment to look at his perfect body. you could say things got pretty heated up from really heated

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