Harry imagine

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"Harry I need my glasses you know that," you moan to your boyfriend. "Well your gonna have to find them," you hear him say, the smirk evident in his voice.

Getting up, you lean on your boyfriend while you walk down stairs. Seeing the outlines of the couch and TV you immediately know where he hid your glasses.

"Harry walk me over to the TV please," you say sweetly. Hearing him groan, you know you were right about where he hid your glasses.

"How'd you know?" He mutters. "Babe, you hid them there last week, I was just guessing," you laugh.

Sitting you down on the couch, you hear him open the drawer and close it. You soon get chills from the cold frames of your glasses.

"Thank you," you smile. "I didn't want you to find them," he pouts.

"Why not?" You say turning on the TV and putting your feet in his lap.

"Well because you make this cute angry face when you can't see," he says mocking your 'can't see face'.

Feeling him play with your toes you laugh. "If you want I'll make that face all the time, just stop hiding my glasses."

"Deal," he says tickling your feet

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