10. Killer

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Opening his eyes Ben stares at me. As if searching something within me.

"Lilly, I was the one who.."

No! It can't be. Ben wouldn't do it. Seriously, Ben can't do it. He and Delcan were best friends. They were brothers.

I thrash away from him shaking my head while he increases his pace towards me .

"Oh, hear me out Lilly! I was the one who called the police! I had gone to Ms.Jeff's house that day and it was a total blow for both of us. Ms.Jeff was in no condition to do anything and I..I had to call the police."

A breath of relief.

I hugged Ben tight. Tight so that he wouldn't go away. Go away from being my good friend Ben to a crazy killer.

"I thought who were the one who did it." I mumble hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

"Shh.." Ben hugs back.

And the phone rings.

Ben pulls back and looks at the mobile as if it held all the answers. Which it did.

Before I could get a hold, Ben answers it, putting on loudspeaker.

"Shit! Lil! I cannot believe he is such a psychopath."


But..but he sounds different. No broken voice, but a voice filled with fear yet he seems alright.

And the line ends.

Snatching the mobile, I don't wait for Ben's response.

I find my boot in the corner and get on putting it.

But Ben mutters something incoherent "Re......ed"

"Ben, come on." I say opening the door.

"Lilly, stay here. I am going to Pitent."

"Are you crazy? You wouldn't even believe me and now I am supposed to not come." I shake my head walking down the stairs stealthily so as to not wake dad up.

Ben pulls me back by my arm.

"You heard him. Please don't say that it was not Delcan." I beg.

"But I saw him de-" I shut Ben's mouth.

"So? You just saw him, did you check his pulse? Did you check his heart beat? Did you?" I ramble.

Ben shakes his head.

"I know it's wild. But I KNOW Delcan is alive."

Ben is still unsure.

Cupping his face, I take a deep breath.

"Believe me Ben."

He nods and opens the main door.


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