"Please, Emmy?"

Emmy Haywood spun around, her dark hair falling back behind her shoulder, "NO!" Her best friend Zack Rhodes frowned, then threw his bag down on the floor and dropped down on his knees. "B-B But.. I can't live without you Emily!!"

Emmy rolled her eyes, but couldn't hide her smile. "Get off the floor, Zack,"

Zack frowned and stood slowly. "I'll be quiet, you won't even know I'm there" Zack pleaded as Emmy made her way out of her, now empty, bedroom.

"Zack, as much as I love you, you have a family, and I'm sure they'll miss you, so, no, you can't hide im the boot of dad's car," Emmy replied. She heard Zack let out a dramatic gasp, and turned to face him. "Besides, you don't want to come because of me, you want to come because America has hot boys."

Zack frowned, "Mum and Dad wouldn't miss me, they have Dani," Emmy raised an eyebrow. Zack sighed and leant against the doorway of Emmy's bedroom door.

"And the boys are hot. But I will miss you, you are the love of my life, and you brighten up my day." He replied.

Emmy smiled and shook her head, "And you are the love of my life, but you're gay, and I think that maybe, when I leave, boys might actually talk to you,"

Zack pouted, "Fine. But I'll call everyday and write."

Emmy scoffed, "Zack Rhodes, In the ten years I've know you, I have never seen you write a letter."

Zack gave a sheepish grin, "...Ok, I'll call,"

Emmy nodded and smiled, "That's more like it. Now, all we need to do is find Cammy and we're ready to go."

"I am here!" Emmy turned around to see her little brother stood in the doorway of his old room. "There you are squirt" Emmy grinned and picked Cam up.

"Ready?" She asked. Cam nodded, "Lost piggy though." Emmy frowned, "Piggy's in the car."

Cam grinned and looked at Zack, "We is going." He said quietly, Zack nodded, "I know little man, but I'll see you soon."

Emmy set Cam down on the floor, "Go tell Daddy i'm ready." She said, Cam nodded and carefully made his way down the stairs.

Emmy threw a glance at her bedroom before sighing, "Ready?" Zack asked. She gave a small nod, before making her way down the stairs.

She came face to face with her step mother, Rachel, at the bottom of the stairs. Rachel smiled, "Cam and your dad are in the car" She said. Emmy nodded and walked past her.

Zack sighed as he followed her out of the house, "I thought you were making an effort to get along with her?" He asked. Emmy shrugged, "I did, and then she tidied my room." Zack raised an eyebrow, "Oh" he replied sarcastically.

Emmy stopped walking as they reached the car.

She turned to Zack, "Email me when I'm on the plane?" She asked. Zack grinned, "Sure will Em" Emmy sighed and pulled her best friend into a hug. "I'll miss you" She whispered, "I'll miss you too" Zack replied.

Emmy smiled and pulled away from the hug, just as Rachel walked up to the car.

"Bye." Emmy said. Zack frowned, "Bye, Em, but remember, 'No Matter Where Life Takes Us, Nothing Can Break Us Apart.'" Emmy laughed as she got in the car, "Stay the same Zack."

"You too Emmy" Zack replied as her shut the car door.

Emmy waved as the car pulled out of the driveway.

She sighed and slumped into her seat. There was a cold, sickly feeling in her stomach, and it got worse as they drove past the neighbors houses, the shops, the park and her school.

Eventually she tore her gaze away from the window and picked up a book.

She must've been reading a while, for when she looked up, the car had stopped.

Her dad opened the car doors. "Ok, everyone make sure you have a book or something" Emmy frowned and nodded. She knew the plane ride would be ages, so she packed more than one book plus her iPod and a laptop.

Rachel nodded and picked a sleepy Cam out of his seat.

"Well then, let's go!" Emmy rolled her eyes at her dads enthusiasm.


Twenty five minutes later they boarded the plane and Emmy felt sick.

"But what if the plane crashes. Or if there's a bomb?!" A few people glanced up from their seats, slightly panicked. "Hush, Emmy, it'll be fine" Her dad reassured her. She frowned and sunk into her chair.

"Maybe you should sleep Emmy, it might help" Emmy glanced at her step mother and gave a small nod.

Emmy fell asleep almost straight away. Then she woke, slept, ate abd slept again until they arrived.

She was woken by someone shaking her awake. "Emmy, sweetie, we're here" Emmy groaned and opened her eyes. Rachel was stood over her smiling. "Your dad's waking Cam up." Emmy nodded and undid her seatbelt, before grabbing her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder.

As she followed her family off the plane she remembered Zack and the Email. "Oh shit" she cursed. Her dad turned and raised an eyebrow. Emmy smiled sweetly, "I mean: Oh dear"

Her dad shook his head and turned back around.

There was half an hours taxi drive, before they reached the new house.

Emmy was speechless as the taxi drove up the drive way.

The house was big and beautiful, there were about three nex to each other, separated by small alleyways. There were balconies attached to some of the windows, the house was a ivory colour and there was a garage attached to the side of the house.

"Ok. So, is this a joke?" She asked, as her dad opened the taxi door. He chuckled, "No, sweetheart, it's all real" Emmy smiled, "I feel the tiniest bit better. But it's freezing, and I really need to email Zack"

Her dad nodded, "I know, but you do realize it's about eleven o' clock in England?"

Emmy nodded, "Zack will be tearing his hair out Daddy, no matter why the time" She replied.

Her dad sighed and unlocked the door, "Off you go" Emmy grinned and ran into the already furnished living room.

She pulled various things out of her bag before she reached her laptop.

'Dear Zack' she began.

'I'm so sorry I didn't email you whilst I was on the plane, I was panicking.

To make up for it, I promise to send you American shampoo and conditioner, and a pack of wotsits, but NOT a 3D poster of Zefron, Nu Uh, not ever.

Hopefully I'll be able to speak to you soon, but until then, 'Good Night'

Lots of Love

Emmy Xx'

She sighed, pressed send and shut the laptop lid.

"Dad?!" She called. "Yes?!" came the muffled reply. Emmy frowned, "Wheres my room?!"

"Top of the stairs, second to your right!"

Emmy stood, grabbed her bag and laptop, and made her way to her room. "Thanks!" She called.

Emmy found her room easily. Seeing as though it was marked 'Emmy'

Her new room looked just like her old one, but it still didn't feel right.

Sighing, she placed her bag and laptop on the floor and collapsed onto her bed, falling asleep straight away.


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